Spirit of '66 T-shirt play.com £2.99

Spirit of '66 T-shirt play.com £2.99

Found 17th Aug 2010
Now I know we were all embarresed by the performance this summer but at least we can be proud of 1966!

Not a bad T-shirt really, also avaliable in white.

Can't go wrong for less then 3 quid!


That happened 44 years ago.
Are we brits that sad that we keep buying this stuff?......And someone keeps making it.

I bet the people that buy this weren't even a twinkle in their parents eye when this happened.


Thanks for posting crookster1! Have to say that it's not bad for a tshirt.

I agree with jumpingphil though! I think it's a bit of a shame that we've not had as much success at anything else to reminisce over for 44 years!!

Probably be selling spirit of 66 for another 44 years so get used to it!

I'm waiting for the 100th anniversary edition. http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn219/jumpingphil/giggle1.gif

Still at least the current crop are good role models for the kids.

Original Poster

The point is that its a good quality T-shirt for £2.99!

Where else can you get a decent T-shirt for less other than maybee Pri-marni!

I was one month old

1966.... Nope, you've lost me, sorry. Something of significance happen?


Still at least the current crop are good role models for the kids.

Isn't that partly because most of them are so unknown that nobody has been interested enough to report scandals before ? Wait a year or two and see how the 'new generation' behave and perform ! Look at the previous scandals involving 'superman' Beckham that many people have forgotten about. It's a bit pathetic that he is the 'best' role model to represent his country overseas, where standards of behaviour are often different and so foreigners don't bother about the other side of his history.

Yep...lamps, cole, terry and gerrard wouldn't step out of line! Spirit of 66? This lot are a shambles.
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