Splash - FREE Video Game Download
Splash - FREE Video Game Download

Splash - FREE Video Game Download

Get ready for fast-paced fishy fun in this exciting challenge from the creators of Super Collapse! II and Aloha Solitaire. Featuring fantastic graphics, adorable characters, and original power-ups, Splash is a blast of watery fun. Click get 'full version free' create an account with name, password, and email. You will then need to install it first, and then unlock it with a link from your receipt page.

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How to Unlock Your Game
The last step is to download and unlock the full version of your game.
Please note that your game will NOT be unlocked for unlimited play unless you click the unlock link below, so be sure to click on the link below.
Having Problems? You will receive an e-mail receipt shortly that contains a link back to this Online Receipt page. If you have trouble downloading or unlocking your game, you can use that link to return to this page and try again.
Need to redownload your game? Your Online Receipt will also appear in your ]My Account area in about 48 hours or less. If you need to re-download your game in the future, you can go to the Help Desk tab in RealArcade, login to My Account, go to your Billing History section, and find your game. You can download the game again for up to 18 months.
Step 1:
Click on the link below if you do NOT have the demo version of the game or are not sure.
Step 2:
Download the license key to unlock your game.
parade_', '15713', 'full', '','15712' );"][SIZE=2]Unlock Splash here[/SIZE]
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