Split Second Velocity (Xbox 360) £18.99 @ Power Play Direct

Split Second Velocity (Xbox 360) £18.99 @ Power Play Direct


great price. Good reviews on metacritic. I played the PC version (only the intro) and didnt like it much :\

But will it pass the even better £15 mark!

The usual question: this or Blur???

This is a great racing game, shame it didnt do the business at launch as it is a very good game.

Cheapest around but has been cheaper, was £17.99 from Game/Gamestation a few weeks back.

I have both this and Blur and prefer Blur. SplitSecond's main problem is the awful rubber-band AI and it doesn't have different difficulty settings for season play so can get stuck fairly early on, it's not an easy game and can be very frustrating. Good online though.

Might be worth adding PS3 to the title as its the same price.

Split/Second has new dlc and new patch incoming btw.

Got this yesterday for the PS3 for £18.99 from powerplaydirect, however I saw it today it had gone up to £34 now.. I was quite lucky!
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