Split Second Veloctiy For Xbox 360 - £9.95 Delivered @ My Memory

Split Second Veloctiy For Xbox 360 - £9.95 Delivered @ My Memory

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Seen similar price other day but saying upto a month to dispatch this one says 24 hours dispatch.

Knocking your opponents into the odd brick wall is a traditional part of any racing game, but here you also race to be the first to trigger huge explosions rigged all along the track. Time it right and you can not only flatten rivals with a ton of falling concrete but you can drastically alter the course of the track to your advantage.

You've got to be a skilled racer as well as a demolitions expert though, with your access to the explosions dependent on how well you're driving and what moves you can pull off. Get it right and you'll not only beat the pack, you'll flatten it.

Key Features:

Arcade racer
The most original racer for years mixes high speed street racing with action game explosions and deadly courses that literally explode around you.

Big brother
Race through 24 episodes of Split/Second's own in-game reality show, each with three events per show and many different race modes.

Careful drivers
From helicopters dropping bombs, to exploding oil tankers and collapsing buildings, this is the most dangerous racer ever made.

Racing pyrotechnics
Incredible graphics bring the dangers alive with enormous explosions that rock the whole course and change the shape of the track.

Multiple explosions
Amazing offline and online multiplayer modes let you test yourself against real human players using race types inspired by the single player


hot from me, i loved this game.

I'm thinking of getting this or blur any suggestions?


I'm thinking of getting this or blur any suggestions?

Difficult choice both are good, in there own ways. Get both
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Id say get Split Second. For me, its so exhilarating dodging some of the on track mayhem. e.g avoiding a plane as it makes a crash land onto the runway.

Great deal! Don't forget cashback too. Hot, hot, hot
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