Split Second (xbox360/ps3) £24.99 @ Amazon

Split Second (xbox360/ps3) £24.99 @ Amazon

Found 19th Jun 2010Made hot 21st Jun 2010
only a price match, but great for those who don't want to wait forever for it


Got mine yday from game for this price superb game!!!!


how long is singleplayer

It's this price (or was at the weekend) instore in game too if you don't want to wait at all.


how long is singleplayer

Average length. 12 episodes, each episode contains about 5 races and the later episodes are really tough, this promotes a fair bit of challenge & longevity. 8.5/10 game.

Has anyone got the ps3 version of this and having trouble trying to find anyone to play online?

I had no issues saturday when i bought it, but after that can hardly find more than 1 person in lobby if that......

Same price in my local asda didn't know which to get this or blur??? So got the cheapest one which was neither. Lol.

This is the better quality single player title.

get Blur for multiplayer (before it dies online - which is starting already).

Lol blur isnt dying online you numpty! Guranteed full lobby each game! Great deal btw blur
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