Split/Second Velocity (XBOX) - £14.99 @ Play.com
Split/Second Velocity (XBOX) - £14.99 @ Play.com

Split/Second Velocity (XBOX) - £14.99 @ Play.com

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Blur vs Split/Second Debate?


Bought this the other week for £20 from CeX, its a fun game, this is a very good price for it.

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I really enjoyed it - for an arcade racer - lots of tactics involved.Gunship attacks are a brilliant idea!

Good price, got it a few quid more from Game 2 months ago.
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Good spot! Really enjoyed the demo! ordered!

Awful game but a bargain at 14.99 I found all the cars drove and handled like they were been dragged through treacle and all the action that goes on you can never really see as it happens on the side of the track or behind you.

Fantastic game but not for the serious racer i picked this up for a few quid from gamestation 2 weeks ago and i love it.

I enjoyed my first play and hated my second.

If I said Initial D 4 is a good game, arcade like graphics and but actually has its own physics type style driving (i.e. there is skill behind it).
What would this be close to?
I dont like Shift too much or Undercover.. I do like Grid, GT5 prologue, Dirt, Ferrari Challenge..

This is definately a fun game to play but I'm not sure about the replay value. Not sure to get this or not.
Might want to change the title for PS3 too.

Blur is better in my opinion. I ended up buying Blur after renting both.


Blur is better in my opinion. I ended up buying Blur after renting both.

I bought both as they are 2 different games.

good game good game

save my money for NFS Hot Pursuit which looks amazing

I've played both Blur and Split/Second and I gotta say its a close run thing. I think Split/Second is more spectacular in its approach...explosions are bigger and louder but I think Blur is slicker in its styling and driving. Both games can get your heart going in a gripping race and online for Blur is great!!

If you like arcade driving games then you won't go far wrong with Split/Second...there's a lot more to it than the likes of say...The Ridge Racer Series. If you're only interested in driving sims/accurate physics then stay away.

To conclude...Good price, good buy


Many thanks for a great find, bodkelly! We've featured this deal on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.
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