Spongebob - Face (Yellow - T-Shirt) all sizes, only £4.99 delivered @ Play.com + Quidco!

Spongebob - Face (Yellow - T-Shirt) all sizes, only £4.99 delivered @ Play.com + Quidco!

Found 25th Jun 2008Made hot 25th Jun 2008
A nice bright t-shirt, with a great Spongebob face! Would cheer anyone up! Read the feedback on the site, gets 5***** from most!!


Cheers..picked one up

bought one of these at xmas time for twice the price and the quality is very good.

I disagree totally with don2812. We got one for our son in March.....the quality is very average at best.....and they do NOT wash well.....they go baggy and shapeless.

Very rarely can I criticise Play.com who are usually great value whatever they're selling....but this is a BIG thumbs down.....

I got one for my sister for Christmas (as a joke) and have to agree the quality was poor. Very thin material and the stitch work was poorly finished (i.e. loose threads).

It is an ok price for a joke but I wouldn't buy this expecting it to last.

bought one for sis a while back and it shrunk when washed so id advised to buy bigger size. Read play.com reviews on it, other people say same thing. Overall really nice t-shirt and dam good price.

[COLOR=olive]Bought one! I'll look so damn cool in Majorca this summer. The kids will think I'm just the best![/COLOR]

good find, got one for my son


Good buy for £5! Thanks:)

I bought this and I'm wearing it now. It makes me feel "special".
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