Spongebob Squarepants Ukulele Kit - £17.99

Spongebob Squarepants Ukulele Kit - £17.99

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Dont know if this is a great price - but it looks like a great quirky xmas present.......

Ebuyer SBUKOFT Spongebob Squarepants Ukulele

Includes -

Wooden Ukulele
Carry Bag
Pitch Pipe


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Stock seems to be going down quickly...


That's such a cute present :lol:
Voting hot for the sheer randomness of it :lol:

OMG i want it, (have to leave this page opn when OH comes home)

voted mega hot

says 18 available for pre-order


This will make a great prezzie, nice find laltufan :thumbsup:

nice spot :thumbsup:

my son will love this ordered one for christams! :santa:

Bought one for my son, hope he can master the theme tune on it. I love it.

Oh wow that is fab!!! My 5yr old who is autistic is fixated on Spongebob!! I love him to bits to - voted hot!


F U N Song

U Is For Ukule..lee

How do you get it at £17.99 ? Price including postage is £22.68 for me!

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Sorry for not putting price including postage - due to depending how much you spend you could get it for zero and also google checkout for a tenner off if you spend enough....

Not quite as cheap but also available here


as is the 3/4 guitar version!!


And there was an item on BBC the other day (Breakfast time i think) that the Ukulele could be replacing the recorder as instrument of choice in lower schools

edit: and yes, thanks, with this username I just had to order one from ebuyer as well!!!

ebuyer is out of stock! nooooo!

£17.60 with free delivery on Amazon (sold by Amazon, not a marketplace 'shop') however delivery says usually 4 - 6 weeks so up to you if you want to take a chance of getting it before xmas...

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