Spooks: Code 9 (DVD) £3.99 delivered @ PLAY.COM

Spooks: Code 9 (DVD) £3.99 delivered @ PLAY.COM

Found 15th Sep 2009
A thorough bargain in my opinion - £3.99.

Yes, it's a spin off, but as far as spin offs go I feel this is a pretty good one, but it is definitely not on par with the true Spooks series. Also, this series only had 6 episodes as opposed to the usual 8 or 10 you get.

This is available at Amazon for £3.98, but obviously would need to be purchased with something else of £1.02's value to qualify for free delivery.

Some people might not be interested in this, but I am sure there will be a few that will be, especially at this price.

(It is up on HDUK as £2.93 at 'lovefilm', but I can only find it at £4.31, hence I put this up).

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