Sporks - Reduced to 0p! - QUICK At One Stop

Sporks - Reduced to 0p! - QUICK At One Stop

Found 5th Jul 2009
Absolute bargain muaha


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or 3 for £1.50

Aren't they free in every store ?

Just most don't need to spell it out to customers :roll:

Are you allowed to take the lot?

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Are you allowed to take the lot?

The Price Is Right! ;-)

0p and still it gets the famous HUKD freeze.

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0p and still it gets the famous HUKD freeze.

I know haha, Some people are just never happy!

too dear for me

They are the same price at our local one too but was a better deal last week as they was also on buy one get one free.

Cold from me :whistling:

can u take them all then wait for price to go up the resell them back to the shop ?

hmm :P


the cafe in the building where i worlk have a sign next to the plastic cutlery saying 'only free for customers, 10p otherwise'. As if someone would come in and just take a fork, and leave, and if they did, who cares?!

Reminds me of a joke. A guy goes to a market for the first time and on the advice of a friend he is told to offer the stall holder half of what he asks for his goods.

So he goes to a clothing stall and sees a nice jacket and asks the seller 'how much?'.
"£50 sir" he says.

The buyer says "I will give you £25".

Seller says "no no no - make it £40".

Buyer says "I will give you £20 for it"

Seller says "no no no make it £30"

Buyer says " I will give you £15".

By this time the seller is so frustrated at the buyers haggling technique and is concerned at the crowd gathering round him and seeing it is bad for business he says to him "here, take it for free - its all yours"

To which the buyer replies "I want two!"

How on earth can you vote cold if it is 0p???
Some people are really weird!

Just because 'one stop' have bothered to exaggerate that their ‘sporks’ are free, does not make this a hot deal. It's like posting free napkins at McDonalds or even free toilet paper in public toilets. This is not a price reduction, but rather, a price label which makes it clear that ‘sporks’ are free - No disrespect to the OP for posting this, as he is probably only having a giggle, but this is just a response to all you wondering why this deal is not hot.

Wish I could afford one :-(

is this instore only?

Not only would you have to be a bonafide ***** to go in to take these, but you would also be preventing genuine customers wanting to use them for eating their lunch item(s) from doing so...........typically resulting in them not purchasing, therefore losing the shop owner revenue.

Perhaps im taking the post a little too seriously, but i know there are ppl out there who will go in and take them without a second thought.

Still, its not a deal. Cold.

always free in kfc


or 3 for £1.50

someone cant read. thats for muller light.

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How can this not be hot yet hahaah!

any quidco on these?
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