Sports Direct character kids clothes on sale £2 upwards

Sports Direct character kids clothes on sale £2 upwards

Found 29th May 2017
Sports Direct reductions on kids clothes. They often have kids clothes on sale but there is a good range of character clothes on sale at moment so thought I would share. There's loads but these are some of the highlights (I have boys so boys focused..there is girl stuff too!)....

Spiderman t-shirt was 11.99 now *£2* 11-12, 13…193

Star Wars t-shirt was 11.99 now *£2* 3-4…194

Minions polo shirt was 13.99 now *£2.49* 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13
Batman polo shirt was 13.99 now *£3.49* 9-10, 11-12
Spiderman polo shirt was 13.99 now *£2.50* 11-12…793

Marvel superhero belt was 9.99 now *£2.75*…090

Avengers jogging bottoms was 13.99 now *£2.99* 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12…791

Star Wars vest *£3*…194

Batman t shirt was 9.99 now *£3* 2-3 3-4 5-6…203

Spiderman t shirt was 9.99 now *£3* 2-3 3-4 5-6…318

Star Wars, Justice League, Marvel, Minions etc t-shirts *£3.50* various sizes. Half of the designs on the following page are £7 click on pics to see which ones are £3.50…980

Avengers short sleeve shirt was 15.99 now *£6.25* most sizes, although 7-8 is *£4.50*…891

Star Wars and Avengers short sleeve shirts was £14.99 now £7 various sizes…792

The short sleeve shirts are extremely good by the way. Next often do shirts like them for more double this sale price, Sainsburys sometimes stock one per season for atleast a tenner so worth it. I have them all and every kids party we go to I get asked where did you get the shirt?

There is a £4.99 click and collect charge but you get a £5 voucher to spend back in the store. The prices above are online prices. Stuff will be on sale in store too but sometimes web price can be cheaper online and they don't honour it in store unless you've click and collected (or at least that has been the case in my experience). Worth a peruse online and in store if you have the time.

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