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Oximiser 3X Advanced Battery Charger for Motorbike or Car Battery RRP £89.99 - £54.44 @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Description: Completely redesigned and tested in the UK using top quality long life componentsA 2 year warranty is included as standardA soft-start charging mode to improve recover… Read more

Noco? Great chargers, have one for the bike and car. Can charge lithium as well.


N'other word lidl!


One word CTek ...


Ha I thought that was a pc mouse! (shock)


Yes - motorbike batteries are generally smaller and thus the lower capacity motorbike chargers can struggle with car batteries. They may work eventually but it'll take a lot longer usually.

Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition £27.84 Delivered @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition £27.84 Delivered @ SportsBikeShop£27.84
Went to start my bike this morning as I planned to go on a much awaited leisurely motorcycle ride; yes these are allowed under the current lockdown rules.. Unfortunately, my batte… Read more
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From a 12V battery? (confused)


More like electrocution hazard mate.


Optimate seem to list a LITHIUM IRON battery charger for about £50 that doesn't say it can be used on normal Wet lead or AGM so perhaps this is not the thing to use. Having said that most motorcycle charging systems are fairly simple unless your bike has something extra in the regulation circuitry, those LiFePO4 or lithium iron batteries seem very expensive, I get my AGM Yuasa from Tanya batteries.


Will this work with lithium iron motorcycle batteries? (I'm not talking about lithium ion before anyone asks or corrects me)


I can see that being the issue if they open it up & drink all the acid (?). (lol)

5 star Sharp safety rated helmet - MT Revenge Zusa - White / Red £44.95 at SportsBikeShop
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
5 star Sharp safety rated helmet - MT Revenge Zusa - White / Red £44.95 at SportsBikeShop£44.95 Free P&P Free
This cheap price might trigger some folk, but I wanted to find the cheapest 5 star Sharp rated helmet I could, and here it is! The price starts at £44.95 depending on colour and s… Read more


Despite the OP going to great lengths to pre-acknowledge and anticipate your concerns, no doubt fully aware of the trade off (as we all are) and referencing the exact scenario where someone would buy a cheap helmet - you can’t yourselves can you (lol) . When I was 17, using my 125 to get to work, I would have loved to have an Arai, but my first payslip barely covered food. I could only afford to be legal. When I could upgrade I did.


The difference with these helmets and say an aria for example is that the more expensive helmets use multiple density’s in the foam padding as well as selling different internals. These cheap helmets take advantage of sharp testing by producing them to suit mannequin heads. Everyone has a different head and that’s why trying on helmets is vital. A £800 helmet that isn’t snug won’t save you as well as a good fitting £300 helmet. Spend what you can afford and make sure you try out a few brands until you find one suited to your head


I have no clue about the circumstances of your accident but a test of 1 is not statistically significant. That's why we have proper test with certification. They measure forces during impact and to be honest I have no idea how you would change testing procedures to show that expensive helmets are better. My first helmet was MT and I was happy with it. Had a small crash and as you can see I'm still alive - does that prove anything? I don't think so. Now I'm riding in 6x more expensive Nolan. I love it for amazing intercom and brake light but I feel it is louder than fairly cheap MT. My point is that I understand better materials and craftsmanship but they should be visible in independent tests! If not then I will stay away since I don't need to show everyone around I can afford £900 lid.


Cold, doesn't cost 5 grand

Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition (Battery Charger) £24.89 delivered @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition (Battery Charger) £24.89 delivered @ SportsBikeShop£24.89
Highly recommended charger at a great price. Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition Suitable for all 12V batteries up to 30Ah Compatible with Gel, MF and acid batteries C… Read more

You say goodbye yet your life is that boring you can't keep away. Even now, you'll not want to comment because it will show what a sad old codger you are but you'll really want to comment to call me something ha ha enjoy that retirement old man, make sure you buy plenty of talc to hide the smell! (lol) (lol)




And yet the grammar cop still cant stop replying ha ha that's the funniest and saddest thing I've seen today (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


What? Makes no sense. Try some punctuation and grammar. Kid. :) This is boring now, so goodbye.


Chat nonsense like a kid you'll get called a kid (y) 🏼

Putoline DX4 10W40 Semi-Synth Motorcycle Oil 4 litres £24.15 at Sportsbikeshop
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Putoline DX4 10W40 Semi-Synth Motorcycle Oil 4 litres £24.15 at Sportsbikeshop£24.15£29.8019%
A decent semi-synth 4-stroke motorcycle (and scooter) oil. Already at a very good price before adding the code to get another 10% off. Order 2 and get free delivery bringing it dow… Read more

To be fair it's pretty obvious in the context of his post that he was referring to a wet clutch as opposed to a CVT or dry centrifugal clutch etc. Because he was talking about oil, and it's ability to make the wet clutch slip. There's no point in nit picking over something that both of you obviously understand.


Welcome to the Dunning-Kruger effect at work. Making my day.


I like how you are so dense you cant even explain anything i think you have realised how thick you have been and now just avoiding the whole thing and resorting to lame insults. Scooters have a clutch and as i pointed out right away its a dry clutch so although you are correct about not needing motorcycle oil you are wrong in saying that they dont have a clutch they do and as i just showed you its a dry clutch!!!. I dont see any other way of explaining it to someone that obviously doesnt have a clue what they are talking about.


You are a complete handbag. <facepalm>


Wtf are you even talking about! you are just making yourself look stupid. Quit while you're ahead.

HJC Spiderman motorcycle helmet £74.99 @ Sports bike shop
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
HJC Spiderman motorcycle helmet £74.99 @ Sports bike shop£74.99£112.1933%
Polycarbonate composite helmet with washable liner and unique Spiderman graphics, 4 Star Sharp rating, reduced from £150, all sizes available at time of posting. Nice looking Helme… Read more
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Like most bikers then


Large Medium


Needs matching riding suit boots n gloves. Also wrist mounted Web launchers to catch those girls at the traffic lights


It’s only small I wear a large and they don’t make them anymore but thanks


HJC RPHA-11 - Boba Fett motorcycle helmet £274.99 @ helmet city

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~20% off large selection of gear at SportsBikeShop
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
~20% off large selection of gear at SportsBikeShop's that time of year again. It's not site wide, but lots of gear (boots, helmets, suits) with around 20% discount, including high-end stuff. As an added bonus, if you can fin… Read more

There's a good deal on the Drift Ghost XL camera at £119.99 (usually £149.99).

Oxford 6 stage 12v Battery Charger for Cars and Motorbikes - £24.49 / £27.44 delivered @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
Oxford 6 stage 12v Battery Charger for Cars and Motorbikes - £24.49 / £27.44 delivered @ SportsBikeShop£27.44£49.9945%
Oxford Oximiser 900 - 888 Anniversary Edition Suitable for all 12V batteries up to 30Ah Compatible with Gel, MF and acid batteries Can be left permanently connected to a battery… Read more

Excellent customer service with these guys


MF battery - Mellon Farmer?


Seems expensive for what appears to be a 2amp charger (though it doesn't say )


Says suitable up to 30Ah batteries. I'm not sure there is a car with this small battery in UK. Looks great for bike battery though.


You can get these new on eBay for a couple of quid less. I've been using an Oximiser 900 on my car for 6 or 7 years now, great product, never let me down.

Motorbike cleaning kit - Muc-Off Essentials Cleaning Pack £18.50 at SportsBikeShop
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Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019
Motorbike cleaning kit - Muc-Off Essentials Cleaning Pack £18.50 at SportsBikeShop£18.50£2629%
Decent kit at a good price
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Top Quality Alpinestar SMX 6 V2  Goretex Sport/Touring Motorcycle Boot £167.99 @
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Posted 12th May 2019Posted 12th May 2019
Top Quality Alpinestar SMX 6 V2 Goretex Sport/Touring Motorcycle Boot £167.99 @£167.99£239.9930%
These are really excellent boots. Super comfortable and Goretex lining for breathability and water proofing. Note that there are non-Waterproof, Drystar and Goretex versions of the… Read more

Love mine, great price


Not gore Tex unfortunately


135 on eBay in different colour. Type in Google the name of boots and eBay link will come up.


Would have had these had I not just bought some Sidi Aria for a few quid more (also from Sportsbikeshop). Heat added though.


Sports bike shop have a fantastic free and easy returns policy. So no need to travel

Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system - £349.99 @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 17th Jan 2019Posted 17th Jan 2019
Full face sports helmet with EQRS security system - £349.99 @ SportsBikeShop£349.99£469.9926%
Shoei NXR - Intense AIM shell Multiple density EPS liner EQRS security system Double D ring retention system 4 shell sizes 3D interior pads for comfort Optional ear pads to decrea… Read more
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Motor Bike Helmet HJC CS-15 Marvel - Spiderman Homecoming at SportsBikeShop for £89.99
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Motor Bike Helmet HJC CS-15 Marvel - Spiderman Homecoming at SportsBikeShop for £89.99£89.99
The CS-15 features HJC's advanced channelling system to direct air around the skull for maximum cooling and a matching machine-washable removable comfort liner. The latest CAD engi… Read more

The better quality HJC RPHA-11 Spider-Man helmet is available for £249.99 from helmets direct


Oh dear


Was so tempted to get the punisher one



Great, now I need the leather suit to go with it.

Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition £27.65 @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition £27.65 @ SportsBikeShop£27.65£49.9945%
i have this one myself and keeps my bike’s battery happy. Oxford Oximiser 900 Anniversary Edition A new generation of Battery Care Systems has arrived Automatically maintain, op… Read more
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Heat! My old one (not this brand) is knackered so this is a great replacement. Ordered!


Yeah got one myself. Works great. Bargain at this price


Thanks for posting, ordered. :D


oldskooltattoosuk 3 s ago I have had this for the past 8 months from Halfords and I have to say it is spot on. It is permanently plugged in to my bike and it starts on the button after 3 months of no use.


I have been using two of these for years now on both my bikes. One of my bikes over the past year has only been ridden a six mile round trip for its first MOT test. The bike has covered less than 500 miles from new and its battery is in tip top condition with this charger. My other bike is used a little bit more, but never used from October to April, and its battery is in similar condition. If you are a fair weather biker these chargers are a necessity and save you having to fork out for a nnew battery due to lack of use.

Motul 5000 10W-40 4 Stroke Oil 5L £24.50 @ Sports Bike Shop
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Posted 18th Oct 2018Posted 18th Oct 2018
Motul 5000 10W-40 4 Stroke Oil 5L £24.50 @ Sports Bike Shop£24.50
Really good price for 4 stroke motorcycle oil have to spend an extra 50p to get free shipping, but its always easy to spend money on SBS. Really convenient to get the 1L and 4L bot… Read more

It's good but on ebay, it's already £24.95.


Sounds good

AGV K5-S Helmet £199.99 Sportsbikeshop (Small only)
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Posted 10th Jul 2018Posted 10th Jul 2018
AGV K5-S Helmet £199.99 Sportsbikeshop (Small only)£199.99£289.9931%
Looking for a new helmet and came across this, its only this style that's discounted but that is still a fair whack off for what is a good mid range helmet. Reviews are pretty goo… Read more

I use the Horizon (Italia), and it’s got a decent amount of padding around the sides and is a great fit, but isn’t comfortable on the inside top, despite appearing to have a reasonable amount of padding there also. It’s more the discomfort from the top that makes me want to change than the wind noise in all honesty.


I've the K3, same shape bit cheaper shell and you're right about the wind noise. Really good fit on my head though and the ventilation is great. ... Oh and the internal visor isn't dark enough


Bikers are Grand, Try Cyclists traveling at 5mph on backroads


Can't stand trolls, think they own the forum.


Good deal if it fits you but personally i wouldn't have an AGV lid near me, they've came off in too many accident's i know of.

HJC IS-17(5 star Sharp safety rating) Matt black motorbike helmet £127.99 @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 27th May 2018Posted 27th May 2018
HJC IS-17(5 star Sharp safety rating) Matt black motorbike helmet £127.99 @ SportsBikeShop£127.99
If you're after a top Sharp safety rated helmet with both pinlock (stops the visor fogging up) and an integrated sun visor, but don't have a spare £400 then consider this from HJC.… Read more

After 30-odd years of riding in London I completely agree with this. Most car drivers are looking for spaces in traffic and the motorbike in that space rarely registers as they glance around. Look up saccadic blanking.


Why do they never sell XXXL :(


terrible idea to buy a helmet without trying on lots of different ones to check you get one with the best fit. the most expensive and fancy helmet in the world that fits badly will almost certainly give worse protection than a cheap one which fits perfectly (assuming both have the required crash test ratings).


I bought one of these (with pink graphics) for my GF- she loves it - and also fitted the sena 10upad which replaces the lower cheek pads to integrate bluetooth very discretely.


After many years as a road death investigator in London I am strongly of the opinion that car driver's don't see bikes because they are looking for cars when they pull out - bikes don't register regardless of visibility. Do you think Police motorcyclists don't have cars pull out in front of them? Black helmet is fine - if you are relying on helmet colour to live I suggest you try a different mode of transport.

Weise Psycho 2 - Leather & Textile Motorbike Jacket £99.99 delivered (RRP £189.99) @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 23rd May 2018Posted 23rd May 2018
Weise Psycho 2 - Leather & Textile Motorbike Jacket £99.99 delivered (RRP £189.99) @ SportsBikeShop£99.99
Just purchased one of these and seriously impressed with the jacket for the money, leather on the shoulders and arms, textile everywhere else, really warm thermal liner for cold mo… Read more
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I got the medium. It was an absolute perfect fit for me but as i'm a relatively slight 40" build i'd agree with what others have said about the sizing being on the small side.


My Medium size one came through. Not a great fit for athletic build. Couldn't bend my arms much in it and the sleeves were a couple inches too long. The neck collar seemed a bit restricting as well. Guess i'll be returning it!


My £71 eBay one arrived this morning, in an Amazon box with Amazon labels. Great fit 2xl I’m 6’3” and 16stone


Seems to be same price on ebay atm. Anyone got a cheaper link for Xxl so I can price match please?


Ordered. Thanks for the post.

Sena 20S Evo headset £209.50 @ SportsBikeShop
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Posted 12th Mar 2018Posted 12th Mar 2018
Sena 20S Evo headset £209.50 @ SportsBikeShop£209.50
I submitted a price match for the 20S and they have price matched the EVO which is the higher spec model! I can’t seem to anywhere else for this price online from a UK shop. Qual… Read more

Ah headset, not headset. Here was me wondering how bearings had changed to electronic counterparts.


Great headset, not sure about the claimed 2km range though, me and my group get about 1km at best


We use the freecom duo. Brill for pillion


How does this compare to the Scala Rider?

Shoei Qwest full face helmet @ sportsbikeshop - £199.99
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018LocalLocal
Shoei Qwest full face helmet @ sportsbikeshop - £199.99£199.99£23916%
Hi all So I’ve been watching these for the last 4 weeks and they are now going out of stock everywhere. These used to be £300 plus Yes you can get these at other places other … Read more
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Just got mine today Lovely helmet, can’t wait to give it a try :D


Infinity does have quite a few sizes left!


Great tin


The white is still available in 2xl with sportsbikeshop if you have a fat head


still available here in multiple sized and matt black/gloss white

Motorbike TAX DISK HOLDER £5.99 @
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Motorbike TAX DISK HOLDER £5.99 @£5.99
I saw this whilst diligently perusing the SBS clearance sale items and thought... "Yes this is HUKD Gold!!" Should really please those of a nostalgic disposition or people who j… Read more

Heat added for comedic description. In all seriousness this is a good find and useful for keeping ICE Disks in.


I've put ICE details in mine. Just in case.


Voted HOT just because I can (highfive)


Heat just for comedy value


Mr Sweeney, your excellent humour is lost by so many ;). Love the wry suggestions!