Sportsdirect.com - Up To 90% Off Cycling
Sportsdirect.com - Up To 90% Off Cycling

Sportsdirect.com - Up To 90% Off Cycling

While stocks last (note in some cases promotional offers can run for days/weeks depending on clearance levels). | Please note that some products and their prices may be exclusive to the website and not available in store and are only applicable to particular colourways/styles/sizes. The maximum order per household is 20, sportsdirect.com reserve the right to cancel any items from any order if the order amount exceeds the maximum per household. Please Note your order may still be processed, but without these items.


Sportsdirect own these brands and hyper inflate the RRP's.

The "sale" prices are reasonable value, but nothing special. Worth a look, but cold from me.


Thanks for sharing but SD pretty much have a "90%" sale on all year round.

Rrp on a Dare 2b top £64.99 omg, obviously SD know that there are many out there gullible enough to be fooled by these fictitious prices.

Total con merchants. It will say UP TO 90% off. that will be the extra small shirt in orange, change to a medium and its full price!

I agree with all the comments so far. Walking into the brand new store in Bicester, I was struck by how much it resembled your good old fashioned jumble sale. Too many racks, crammed so full that stuff 'jumps' off the rail as soon as you squeeze through the impossible do right gaps in between.
Whomever designs the floor plans needs shooting.
Rant over.…

With SD it's more like 90% off customer service!

except, they seem to make money from their overcrowded stores whereas JJB etc go bust.
anyone that buys something on the discount alone cant be helped

The stores look like they've just been raided and looted, it's bonkers in there
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