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Get 3 months of Spotify Premium - Individual Plan - for £9.99 (Existing Customer / Invite Only - Check emails) @ Spotify

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Individual plan only. 3 Months for £9.99. Previously £9.99/month, £9.99/month after trial. Terms and conditions apply. Offer not available to users who canceled Premium after October 28, 2022. Offer ends December 31, 2022. Clicking the button will log you into your Spotify account, where you can choose to accept this offer. Do not forward this email to anyone not authorized to access your account.

Spotify More details at Spotify
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    I’d rather wait for a 3 month for free and then create a new email address
    Do you have Gmail? If so you can use the +trick


    These will all send to Firstname.lastname@gmail.com.

    Also works with dots.

    F.irs.tn.ame.la.st.na.me@gmail.com (edited)
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    Or just get it via India route for £10 for the year
    I was using it but lately it has been telling me that I can only use it abroad for 14 days. Then the app shuts till I connect to India via vpn....then it works for another 14 days.
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    Says I'm not eligible but then shows me '3 months for £9.99' - £9.99/month after offer period

    When u first click on the link it thinks your after 3 months for FREE then when u log into ur account t u get 3 months for £9.99 (edited)
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    Don't forget if you have bought anything that qualifies, Argos are giving a 4 month for free trial as well. Look out for the link sent to you by email after you purchase a qualifying item from Argos.
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    I'm already on premium and I got the email still. Do you think if I cancelled I could take the 3 month offer?
    "Offer not available to users who cancelled after Oct 28"
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    When I followed the link it offered me the 3 months for £0! Bargain!
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    I'm a long-term Premium subscriber, but I'm not eligible for the offer.

    What a wonderful world we live in where a 3 month subscription costs some people £9.99 and other people £29.97 for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.
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    Worked for me, thanks! I can bin Amazon music for the next 3 months at least...
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    heat added thank you.

    Long term I want to Youtube premium + Youtube music. It just makes sense to remove ads on vids and ads on music all in 1 go.
    Unfortunately, youtube music isn't as versatile as Spotify for some reason so this is perfect for the next 3 months.
    No problem glad it’s of some use
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    Just as i moved to a family plan.. lol
    🙈🙈🙈 always the case. Next time lol
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    Worked for me!
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    Thanks op. Link gave me 3 months free and had already been a user but a few years ago. Take some heat!
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    Worked for me!

    Beauty! Thanks
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    Perfect timing as ive been moaning about spotify free for the past week, so was soo happy when this offer popped up. (edited)
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    Is it easy to swap your playlist between the providers? That's what's stopped me swapping about so far
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    Thanks for posting OP. It worked and I even got offered 3 months free.
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  19. Avatar
    Thanks, perfect timing!
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    I have 2 email just keep switching between them both only pay £40 a year for it
    I pay £0 for premium Spotify all year. No need to pay when you get 3 months for free constantly.
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    I doubt this is for current customers, likely for new customers and those that have left atleast 3 months ago. I got the same deal at the start of the year.
    I’m an existing premium user for years and I cannot find 3 months for 9.99
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    Got it free until 27 February from one of many accounts 😁
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    Isn't spotify brazil cheaper/easier? Buy a 6 month voucher on a site like g2a, turn on a VPN to brazil, and for £15 or so you get a 6 month premium pass...
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    £40! Get on Tidal. I'm about £8 a year.
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    Isnt there music on youtube these days?
    With ads every song. Unless your pay over 11.99 for premium...
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    Thanks for the deal, I got 3 months free. Then I'll use another email address in 3 months and infinitum!
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    I was looking at a duo plan for me and the GF but that's only 1 month free. If I sign up to individual instead, can we both log into the same account to get 3 months free then switch to duo after that?

    Currently have amazon music but its doing my head in lately, lol.
    Yes u can however u both can’t listen to it at the same time.
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    Is there any way to copy playlists from an existing account to a new one? I've opened a lot of new accounts and it gets to be a bit of a pain to add hundreds of songs every time.
    just share the playlist with your new account, then open it, copy all the songs (shift click or contrl click) and copy to a new playlist on your new account; then unshare the original playlist.