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Spotify Premium Individual @ £2.99 PM (139 THB) with VPN (Thailand)

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Managed to get Spotify Premium using a VPN with google play store billing for £2.99 a month, not sure how long this will last but definitely wanted to post it here.

This will only work with a brand new Spotify account

Instructions (Desktop)
1. Create a brand new google account
2. Create a new payments profile for Thailand with a random address worldnamegenerator.com/All…and
3. Add a preferred payment method (nationwide worked for me)
4. Use Hola VPN extension to change country to Thailand
5. Connect spotify to the Thailand google account
6. Go into Account and Edit Profile and change country to Thailand and hit save
7. Disconnect from Hola VPN

Instructions (Android)
1. Sign out of all google accounts
2. Sign in with the Thailand google account
3. Open Playstore and verify the country is set to Thailand

a) On your Android device, open the Google Play Store appb) At the top right, tap the profile icon.c) Tap Settings General Account preferences. Country and profiles4. Download Spotify
5. Connect to Thailand using Urban VPN
6. Launch Spotify and login with the newly created google account
7. Tap Premium
8. It will default to United Kingdom so change this to Thailand
9. The offers/payments should now change to THB
10. Click on which ever subscription you want to subscribe to and change the billing option to Google from Spotify
11. Enter the password and hopefully the payment will be processed
12 Disconnect from the VPN

If all goes well the google play store country and spotify country will match up allowing for the payment to be processed, if not you will get an error saying to check the google play store country and ensure it matches.
Spotify More details at
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  1. sm9690's avatar
    You can buy 6 months giftcards from eneba for like £14 inc fees which works out about £2.33 a month
    Daniel_3dt's avatar
    I've used eneba 100+ times - it's always worked for me. Just pay with PayPal
  2. judojudokostheppu's avatar
    Spotify India is cheaper
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    I tried Pakistan and India neither worked for me with any payment method, still 2.99 is better than 11.99 regardless
  3. JazzyJaz's avatar
    Oh boy, here we go again!
  4. Slimlinex's avatar
    Just here for the comments
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    You got the popcorn ready?
  5. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    How long till this gets hot?
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    Took 1 hour.
  6. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
  7. chiggz's avatar
    Seems like a faff messing with Android. How about getting a family account and splitting between 5 other friends?
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    Mine is a family account, seemed daft not to for £4.75, I forgot to take screenshots so had to post the deal for just premium
  8. barry553's avatar
    Can't use it after 2 weeks. I used to live there and when I came back to uk it wouldn't work anymore.
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    So in 2 weeks it will stop working?? Not sure about that but we'll see.
  9. f111's avatar
    Thank you, Voted hot. Since the same creative minds will end up on this post too - my YT premium Pakistan just got cancelled because my starling card renewed - can I just make a new YT family on the new card, and can I just add all the same member email addresses again? Thanks in advance
    SquealingCustard's avatar
    You should be able to add a new payment method on the same account and just use that.
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