Spots V's Stripes Game *Only 600*
Spots V's Stripes Game *Only 600*

Spots V's Stripes Game *Only 600*

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, filled with lots of festive Spots v Stripes games!

After 10 days of good-spirited Christmassy competition, Team Spots won our Baubles v Tinsel challenge.

By evening of Christmas Day, our living leader board - the Christmas tree in Spots v Stripes HQ - was weighted down with baubles.

Well done for the Spots - that's 1,000 bonus points added to their score.

In the year to come, we'll be looking to spread the spirit of play as we get ever closer to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

And what better way to start a new year than with a new game?


James, your fellow Stripe, and Sally, a Spot, were the two winners of our Pocketbook Game competition this year.

We put out a call to the Spots v Stripes community to dream up original games.

After whittling down the entrants to just 10 finalists, Spots and Stripes players voted James and Sally's games as the two that we should actually make.

So we did! Sally designed a game called Egg-a-thon and James designed Flick Racer. Get your hands on your free game now - we've only got 600 to give away!



these werre what was given away in the matter box a couple of weeks back

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Ooh dear link appears not to be working now

Thanks Ordered - heat added!


Ooh dear link appears not to be working now

Try this

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Does it automatically add my details i.e seems to be doing it from my side, wonder now if it was worth putting up

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Pulled the plug as it was getting colder and colder

why is this cold? am I missing something?

Absolutely horrible games. Got it in the matter box, what a waste. Seriously this was the best they could come up with??? at least the choc wasn't too bad

Hey! I tested these games for you! Order them and damn well enjoy it!


Got these in Matterbox - absolute rubbish

yep absolute rubbish

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Cant please them all!!

I got these in my matter box can't complain for free. Heat added
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