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Sprite Lemon, Lime & Cucumber 330ml cans - 10p @ Poundstretcher

Sprite Lemon, Lime & Cucumber 330ml cans - 10p @ Poundstretcher

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Posted 7th OctAvailable: National
BBE 31Oct19
Plenty of stock in Leeds Meanwood Branch

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Taste vile, good price though, could probably get away with making a mojito with it.
There is a reason why its so cheap
I like the bit where someone said “what new flavour shall we do” and you just know it’s some jumped up little doogooder said this and compared it to a gin and tonic......
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Great mixed with Gin !!
Mus of been of their t*ts when they came up with that flavour.
It's very refreshing. Taste of summer and a very popular flavour in Mexico
What fresh hell is this?
It's rank.. Like one of the new 7up flavours whose name escapes me
Great price awful drink
Tastes fine IMO. I would bet few could tell the difference in a blind tasting with regular sprite. I would have preferred a much stronger cucumber taste - which admittadly, doesnt taste of much..
They can't give it away!
Rank would rather drink me p$#@!
No sugar no thanks
If it didn't have those artificial/alternative non-sugar sweeteners I'd drink it... no, the sprite stuff!
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