Sprouts only 10p in the Asda Boxing Day sale
Sprouts only 10p in the Asda Boxing Day sale

Sprouts only 10p in the Asda Boxing Day sale

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What more could you want!

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Air freshener!

bye bye ozone.


My anus'll be in tatters!

Yellow stickered = store specific


"Boxing Day sale" lol

They had these in the Hastings branch but they were all mouldy probably taste better to be honest!

5P in Tesco cold

No thanks, I'm still trumping from the ones I had on Christmas Day.

4p per pack in Sainsburys Nairn tonight ;-) yum

great price, and just in time to start boiling them up for next Christmas.

Absolute ripoff!! 5p in Tesco by me!

****Tuts at Asda taking advantage of vulnerable customers****

F A B !

These will go well with the 5p tattys from Tesco....

toxic vegetarian farts

10p a sprout ? X)

Store specific as reduced to clear, shown in pics. This is still a good deal though!

This is due to supermarkets over ordering fruit and veg for christmas!

Great to bulk buy read for next year together with wrapping paper!

10p To wreak havoc on your loved ones and work mates , total bargain have some wind ....ahem i mean heat .....

Oh no....... I can't resist...... More farting foderidge!!!! oO


The most underrated and best vegetable there is.

Cook them right (even steak tastes like crap when cooked wrong) and they're delicious.

You'd have to pay me to eat sprouts after Xmas.

maybe some stock i went to asda superstore and they only had half of there shelves filled said it was because they had no drivers working but there workers were complaining they were having there hours cut so it was obvious it was to save money its no wonder these superstores are losing out to lidls i had to go to lidls today they had everything i couldnt get at asda and it was cheaper

Heat added!!

I'll pop in after work. Good price!
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