Sprung: The Dating Game (Nintendo DS) £4.99 delivered

Sprung: The Dating Game (Nintendo DS) £4.99 delivered

Found 16th May 2007
Its a very fun dating game. It isnt a graphic type of game, more like cartoon. You can play through loads of levels as either Becky or Brett. The point of the game is to find the right thing to say to people that you meet whilst on holiday. You can earn loads of pictures and items, and have fun in all different levels. It can be very hard though, i had to use a walkthrough on the internet to help me.


I agree, in fact even real dating is easier than this game!

This game is stupidly hard. I got to a certain point in the game, and after trying what seemed like a million times, could get no further. I got the hump, and slung it back in the cupboard. This is where it remains!! I paid a fiver for it over a year ago, couldve had a KFC instead!! hee hee.:giggle:

These were available for £1 to clear in Curry's/ dixons a few weeks ago. We bought one and then traded it in in games station for £4.

That really is all it was fit for!


hmmm i wish i hadnt bought this game now lol i have been stuck wanting to scream back at leanne as no matter what tips i give her she is screaming at me.
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