Spy Fox 1: In Dry Cereal (Wii) - £7.99 delivered @ Amazon

Spy Fox 1: In Dry Cereal (Wii) - £7.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 24th Dec 2008
William the Kid - forcing kids to eat their cereal without milk. Team up with super-sleuth Spy Fox along with Monkey Penny and Quack to help solve this tough assignment. To achieve this, you will need your ingenious Spy gadgets such as x-ray chewing gum and a laser toothbrush, and the ability to perform death-defying moves along with the quick wit of - what else? - a cunning fox.

Targeted at young gamers, Spy Fox in Dry Cereal offers not only a fun experience, but an educational one as well. Children can observe situations and solve problems in creative and flexible ways. Valuable memory skills and decision-making abilities can also be learned. Spy Fox is not designed to be just educational: it just comes as part of the package.
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only £7.99 at play??????????

http://www.play.com/Games/Wii/4-/6408626/Spy-Fox-Dry-Cereal/Product.htmlonly £7.99 at play??????????

hmmm...Play didn't come up on gamesearchuk or when I checked earlier. With 4% quidco (I think), Play is a better deal. Feel free to delete/expire the post.
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