SqueezeBox Radio £127.20 delivered @ Logitech + 3% Quidco

SqueezeBox Radio £127.20 delivered @ Logitech + 3% Quidco

Found 9th Oct 2009
Use RELAUNCH2009 for a 20% discount.

A compact all-in-one network music player that lets you rock the house with digital music.

Easy access to digital music
You can play songs from your personal library, tune in to thousands of Internet radio stations, or connect to online services like Deezer, lastfm and Napster.

Support for Wi-Fi and Ethernet
No wires needed, seamless integration with your existing home network lets you listen to the music on your computer in any room.

Normally £159.
£127.20 after voucher then 3% Quidco



Works on the Transporter !!! £300 off !!


Works on the Transporter !!! £300 off !!

There are quite a few places selling the Transporter for a lot less even with this discount. I hope this still works when the new Touch is available for orders, seems to be not far off the specs of a Transporter for a fraction of the price.

Hot deal.

look like the code works on all products

So its like the Duet but an all in one solution with colour screen and mono (?) speaker. A good update to my MusicPal Internet Radio perhaps?

This looks like good value to me, or am I missing something (i.e. have Logitech slaughtered the product line to improve their margin)?

Found this video with a preview of features: ]http//bl…ch/

Review here too: ]http//ww…ew/

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It's like a compact version of the Boom but mono (Boom is stereo), more for the bedside table tbh. If you want quality sound go for the Boom

ageed, I have a boom in the kitchen, sounded brill then pluged in a 8" powered sub

FE** Me whata sound !!!


Plus the new code drop for the Duet has cghanged it sos so sososososos much for the better !!!


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Yup, the Boom is great, best piece of kit i've ever bought

you can get the Squeezebox Duet for GBP 215.20 with this code. Tempted!

I can't get the touch added to the basket - is it working for anybody else?


I can't get the touch added to the basket - is it working for anybody … I can't get the touch added to the basket - is it working for anybody else?

Iv been asking Logitech and a load of other supplier when it will be available. They all give non-specifics back and wont give me dates. Wont even say when its going to be pre-orderable.

They do look very good, propper hifi for not very much money.

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The Touch is out in December
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