SRAM PC951 MTB/bicycle 9 speed CHAIN £10.95 @ CRC

SRAM PC951 MTB/bicycle 9 speed CHAIN £10.95 @ CRC

Found 6th Jan 2011
The PC-951 is our most economical PowerChain while still maintaining our high standards of quality. Like all Power Chain II chains, the PC-951 uses Chrome Hardened rivet pins for increased durability. The PC-951 uses gray colored plates.


• Chrome hardened rivet pins
• Supplied with a powerlink

Personal bit:
road salt getting to your bike chain? here's a cheap replacement for 9/18/27 speed bikes (most mountain bikes).
i've been using these for years, never had one break. and just as good as their more expensive chains only less shiny! if you're used to Shimano, these can be removed easily without tools and no special pins either.

RRP £20, commonly around £15 at LBSs. cheapest price at famous auction site £14

weirdly more expensive to buy 3 or more, so if you want more split them into orders of 2 each (free delivery).

Update: still in stock but 2nd lot i ordered not boxed
Loose/OEM stock (comes in a bag with powerlink, NOT BOXED)


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also if anyone wants a good wet weather lube, after trying many the best i've found* is
Weldtite TF2…215…tml

*not counting stupidly expensive ones like purple extreme.
but this is a whole topic in itself, just thought it worth a mention.

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nice find

i agree wit hsmiff, these are far better than shimano. ive had so much trouble with 'quality' shimano over the years which is far from. ive not used sram for 6 or 7 years without a singe issue and their power link makes it so easy to work with. i funnily enough also use the same lube, but after amazing reports on the new crud lube thats out this month i think ill be looking at that next
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I love the sram powerlinks. I always carry spares with me, just incase I need to fix a broken chain, however I made the change to kmc x9 chains which are more expensive but seem to run very well and are lighter.
This is a good deal for a low end chain that saves a couple of quid.
Re: 3 or more pricing anomally, the same is true of the post I made on bargain pro race 3 road tyres, so its not a misprice, just a way of clearing excess stock.

(_;) cheers

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received already - and they are boxed retail version
I might buy some more because this is the chepest they've ever been afaik (sometimes bike shops sell these unboxed bulk OEM around this price).

how come this hasn't more heat then? every cyclist needs a chain
i guess 9 speed stuff may come down in price now that 10 speed is catching on.. i'm sticking to 9 thanks

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how do we unexpire our deals?
still in stock and same price, still lowest price too afaik!

ordered 2 more for £21.90 and 4% Quidco.

thanks to the mod that unexpired

does anyone else get through as many chains as i do? about every 2 months, more over winter..
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they are now sending out oem bagged chains. still includes powerlink. not sure if quality is the same as retail boxed, anyone know?

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now gone up to 14.99, expiring.
hope you all stocked up..

hmm expire button doesn't seem to work. i don't understand this site..
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