SRAM XG 1099 XX 10 Speed Cassette @ On-One

SRAM XG 1099 XX 10 Speed Cassette @ On-One

Found 8th Mar 2013
Deinitely not for everyone, a fantastic piece of equipment. This price is amazing, I can't find anywhere else that comes remotely close to it. Free delivery too.
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I blame Wiggle
Can buy a whole bike from Tesco for that!

Can buy a whole bike from Tesco for that!

Incorrect, you can buy a piece of metal with two wheels, that looks like a bike......but is definitely not a bike!
why are these better than a cheaper version?
Good deal!

Would they work any better than say one for £40-£50?

I can imagine you'll be paying for the weight saving which would be an advantage if you were racing and there wasn't a minimum weight restriction for the bikes.

When I was riding the bike over 20 years ago most of us only had them in 5 speed. Haha
C30, C60, C90 go!
ahh 50 grams lighter than ultegra. i'll just eat one less biscuit!
Xx is for bling whores with more money than riding skills. No need to spend this kind of brass, even at this price.
Well it's lighter than a cheaper cassette for a start.

As for the Ultegra, you can't compare them. One is a MTB cassette, the other is road, the gearing is way off and I reckon (altough cannot confirm) the XX is tougher as you would expect from MTB componentry.

It could also be more durable.
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