SSX (Xbox 360) Brand New @ Base £4.99
SSX (Xbox 360) Brand New @ Base £4.99

SSX (Xbox 360) Brand New @ Base £4.99

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Well received franchise reboot at a bargain price of £4.99 at Base.com

See you on the slopes!


Good game, good price. Cool soundtrack too.

Ooh I know it's an old title but always wanted to get it....great budget price

This games good but it's no cool boarders

We bought this shortly after release but it's not as good as the old SSX Tricky on PS2 which we put weeks into and was one of our favourites.

Played for an hour or 2 and got bored of this one so can't recommend.


This is a great game. It is a very different beast to SSX on the PS2, which itself set a very high bar.

If you have a big friends list and a lot of people who've previously played this game (or better still; play it now) you will enjoy it far more. It manages to bring a lot of multiplayer features into single player modes. It is very similar to the NFS series' Autolog, but with lots of extra features.

An example (one of many) you can stop the game at any time and rewind, and then place a collectable (geotag or snowflake) anywhere in the game. It can be collected by everyone who subsequently races on that track, the longer it goes uncollected, the more the person who placed it there earns. Conversely, the longer one has been there, the more you get for finding/capturing it (they are everywhere, on rails, off the side of cliffs, in chasms. You have to think outside the box; the more unlikely it is that someone would go there, the more likely it is there is a valuable geotag waiting for you!).

You also have the other recent NFS-style features, beat friend's times, beat their scores, add friends of friends (who own the game), playing online, playing against ghosts, etc, etc.

I can't emphasise how much having a bunch of people in your friends list improves this game, even if you never play the online modes, the online features are persistent through your single player campaign.

The best way to play this game is to just jump in (no pun intended) and play around with it as much as possible. Don't try and rush through it, get used to the controls, get used to pulling off combos, tricks, slides, jumps, sharp turns, learn how the tricky modes work , etc. Some of the courses and routes that were in the shipped game (you can download tons more content, free!) are seriously, well... tricky (to say the least).

No disrespect meant to the previous poster, but there is absolutely no way on earth you can fully appreciate this game in 2 hours. It takes far long than that just to get used to the first few routes and learn to string together combos (and I don't just mean pulling an ollie/grab/slide/whatever. I mean being able to pull of strings of moves so you're not repeating the same move, and not just randomly button bashing either; that will only get you so far in this game! It is a habit you need to unlearn quickly. This is a game you need to have a little patience with. Whilst learning combos might sound as tedious as becoming competitive at Street Fighter, it is actually instantly rewarding (unlike SF!). You'll learn a few moves the first time you pick up a controller (and probably crash, a lot!), but before you know it you'll (hopefully) be racking up the hours and stringing together uber tricks, or finding air and getting monster tricks.

I reckon I put in well over 100 hours in this game, and there are still levels/courses I haven't managed to do. The game always allows you to skip a route if you fail it three times (and still gives you the full XP rewards), so you never feel like the game is impossibly difficult, you never get stuck and constantly reload (I think I only mention that because of Dark Souls being given away last month X)), but at the same time the game is constantly challenging.

I find very few games get this balance of playability and challenge just right. If you have the patience and are looking for a game which will keep you busy for a long time, look no further.

There are also RPG-style equipment upgrades and character levelling throughout the game. Replayabiliity is present in a big way, you're very likely to go back and try the levels you skipped the first time (some you'll breeze through, others... not so much!).

SSX is a great game. At this price it's a no-brainer, you just need a bit of patience to get over the initial hurdle (again; no pun ... blah, blah).

Got it from blockbusters a while ago for £5 and was terribly disappointed in the game compared to previous ssx games. It may be cheap but it really is a poor game.
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