St Andrews Golf Tees £2 @ JohnLewis

St Andrews Golf Tees £2 @ JohnLewis

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Found 19th Feb 2008
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These 24 wooden tees come straight from the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews. Each tee is printed with the St. Andrews crest and are all housed in a sturdy tube with the St. Andrews railway poster design.


As a golfer myself I have received this type of thing on many a birthday or christmas.

They will not have been anywhere near st.andrews! My advice go to your local pro shop and buy a packet from there for avout £1.

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as a golfer also i agree that they may not have come from there but for a decent set of wooden T's even soccer sports dont do them for £2

there's a very nice 'st andrews' golf [email protected] 1/2 price...just £4 delivered too.

sorry martyn1978...i forgot to thank you sir...cheers :-)


Genuine St Andrews Tee's.................made in China
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