St Trinians 4 Disc Box Set £16.99 Delivered @

St Trinians 4 Disc Box Set £16.99 Delivered @

Found 23rd Mar 2007
About £5 cheaper than I can find it anywhere else. Four classic British Comedy movies starring among others Joyce Genfield, Frankie Howard and George Cole.

And don't forget the 2% Quidco!

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The Belles Of St. Trinians: Joyce Grenfell takes the lead as a clumsy young police sergeant gone undercover to investigate the dubious goings on at Millicent Fritton's establishment for young ladies which turn out to include the use of a chemistry lab as a liquor distillery and low tactics on the hockey field which are rather less than jolly!

(Dir. Frank Launder, 1954)

Blue Murder At St. Trinians: The anarchic schoolgirls head to Rome, having won a UNESCO prize trip, where they become unwittingly involved with a jewel thief...

(Dir. Frank Launder, 1957)

The Pure Hell Of St. Trinians: Those outrageous St. Trinians girls are back with a vengeance in the second sequel of anarchy and chaos.

A rich Arab Sheikh visits the school, hunting for gym-slipped recruits for his harem, which might explain the sudden interest in geography lessons. However, he doesn't know what he's let himself in for!

(Dir. Frank Launder, 1960)

The Great St. Trinians Train Robbery: A bunch of criminals infiltrate the school and plan to use the dubious educational establishment to stash the loot. But the train robbers fall foul of the schoolgirls and their need to have a good time causing havoc!

(Dir. Sidney Gilliat/Frank Launder, Colour, 1966)


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First time reaching the front page. *sniff* I'm so proud!

And its only £16.65 with the Quidco. :w00t:

Alastair Sim is a seriously undervalued comedy actor (& this has fully grown women in school uniforms)...worth 16 odd quid of anyone's money!!!

I've heard that there's a new st.trinians film being planned!

little ern

I've heard that there's a new st.trinians film being planned!

Little Ern & his camcorder strike again?!???!

They were talking about doing a new movie a few years ago but nowadays it probably wouldn't be as good Mind you, fit looking girls running about in stockings gets my vote anyday

Now even cheaper @ £10.99
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