St Tropez self tan remover,was £15,now £4.50(+possible 20% off, free del (down to £3.60) Debenhams

St Tropez self tan remover,was £15,now £4.50(+possible 20% off, free del (down to £3.60) Debenhams

Found 6th Apr 2008
In the debenhams sale

St Tropez Self-tan remover 325ml

Was £15.00 > Now £7.50 > Now £4.50

Removes self-tan up to 4 hours after application. Perfect for removing streaks, imperfections, blotchy patches and unsightly stains from the palms of your hands after using a self tanner.

Item No.: 1240109169

If you add SHA1 for free delivery, PNBP for 20% off = £3.60

When 4% quidco added down to £3.46


Whats wrong with a bit of soap ?

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I have used fake tan once, on my legs (Clarins or clinique, I can't remember). I found that when it dried that my ankles and heels were a funny shade and soap would not budge it (I scrubbed damned hard!), but my friend's self tan remover did a fantastic job removing the dodgy patches whilst leaving the other tanned areas perfect. She swears by it for streaks and mistakes, especially drunken mistakes the following day.

I have some self tan on my hands its gone a funny colour i have tried soap do you think this will work.

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When fake tan dries it's designed to last and be resistant to sweat, water, washing and soap, that's why it lasts for a week or so. Otherwise wouldn't it come off the first time you went in the shower after putting it on?
Yes, if it is still fresh and wet and you wash your hands with soap it should come off. This is more a mistake corrector for when it has dried and gone partchy and streaky. So if you're a self tan pro and can put it on perfectly, granted, you probably don't need this, but for others who aren't so skilled it can be useful. If I ever self tan again I'll make damned sure I have some of this to hand so I can fix the imperfections.

Do you think it will work its pretty much dried in now ?

Excellent deal but now all sold out : (
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