St Tropez Ultimate Golden Body Tan was £44.04  NOW £11.01 instore+ online saving £33.03p @ Boots

St Tropez Ultimate Golden Body Tan was £44.04 NOW £11.01 instore+ online saving £33.03p @ Boots

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was in boots today and saw this cracker picked up for the OH

St Tropez ~Aerobronze 150 ml
St Tropez Body polisher 120ml
St Tropez Tan Intensifier 150 ml
& St Tropez powder puff

plus get free £5 voucher



I got this at lunch time!!! Can't wait to try it out...serious bargain!!!

Thats if you can find any left!!!!

Mega good deal though, voted hot.

Good price , suppose to give u a good fake tan also , ill have to look out for this one :thumbsup:

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they had at least 20 in watford

None in sheffield :(. Order stuff from boots on line sale in bag gave sale price then once paid and confirmed it went back upto full price robbing b*********

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and people still vote cold? its a cracking price and got reciept here to prove it

hot from me ..

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im going to give up posting deals soon

Good deal purely because it's discounted so much. Make a great christmas or birthday gift for someone i guess.
People used to go on about how fab it is etc etc etc. I personally think it makes you look like you've tried too hard at getting a tan. Okay if that's your style. Or if you're a WAG. And much better than using a sun bed.
I used it once and it made my already olive skin look dirty.
Good luck finding one everyone. They had loads in Derby Westfield Wednesday but that was when the 75% off sale started.

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LOL people still vote COLD


LOL people still vote COLD

it could be because they havent got any stock in their local boots

you will be very very very lucky to find this in stock

i got this set the other day which i thought was a brilliant deal but i also got the st tropez vanity case gift set which was ment to be £60.00 which i got for around £15.00! I think it depends on what stock your store has left to what deals you find.

Loads of these left in Milton Keynes today. Not many other gift sets left tho

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loads in harrow and watford

bought it yesterday, thought it was a great deal.

Loads in Birmingham High Street - and also loads of crackers!!!!

I managed to get one, and it's great!!

Maybe people vote cold because it's part of the huge boots 75% sale which has already been posted?

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oh yeh and there was loads of wrapping paper for a few pence lol

This set is lovely, there were two stands full of them in Cardinal place Victoria in London yesterday.

still had them yesterday at boots horley surrey

I've been trying the get this since sale started, no luck in my area shelves have been wiped out! Few of stores said they didn't even have them in at all, it must only be larger style stores. anyone know any thats got them in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area?

daughter got this the other day, she said women were grabbing boxes of them. She is very pleased as she is always using fake tan stuff and says this is great. Nothing left in Cov yesterday except wrapping paper for £1.25.

also she got £5 voucher for Ruby & Millie/No 7. with the No 7 voucher you can get the new mineral blusher for about £3.65 and with it a free make up bag which has a mirror and a blusher brush - bargain!

Loads of these in stock this morning in Taunton (at least 20).

The wife was looking out for just the St Tropez spray which was in the region of £19 just for the spray. She went to boots and grabbed at least a years supply for this price!!

Final result is absolutely superb, she has tried others in the past nothing and repeat Nothing has come close to a real tan as the St Tropez...

Good find!!

We purchased three when they were £22, took them back when they dropped the price!! and purchased some more!!!

lots left in enfield today and Brent Cross yesterday.

Cant you buy it offline then return it in store and buy it back again?


Cant you buy it offline then return it in store and buy it back again?

Don't think they'd let you away with that....and oh the shame :oops: way too embarassing. You could always phone up and ask.

They had loads in MK store on Friday.
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