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Audi A4 1.4TFSI SPORT, 2 year/ 10,000 miles p.a. (6 +23) lease, £192 incl vat per month (£5568 over term) at Stable Vehicle Contracts
Audi A4 for the price of a basic Golf! A brand new £26.5k Audi A4, keep it for 2 years, drive it for 20,000 miles, how much is it worth at the end of the 2 years? £19k at best? Well you can lease the… Read more
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You're only 6m late pal


This deal doesn't seem to be available. Click ok the link .. price is … This deal doesn't seem to be available. Click ok the link .. price is much higher

You're only 6m late pal

This deal doesn't seem to be available. Click ok the link .. price is much higher

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If you are self-employed you would be cheating the taxman if you set off the depreciation and running costs of a vehicle against tax unless you used that vehicle exclusively for your business or paid the tax on a company car. The straightforward, legal way is to set off the mileage allowance for business miles (currently 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles) against tax. The idea behind lease deals is that the large leasing companies can get a far bigger discount on buying a new car (and sell at a better price into the dealer network) so often the total amount paid on a lease deal is less than the depreciation you would suffer if you bought the vehicle yourself. If you lease rather than buy then you don't have to fund the initial purchase (which may save interest). If you lease you don't have so much flexibility if your circumstances change (change jobs, need bigger car) and you have to give back the car in a good condition at the end of the lease period. It's not a simple as 'appreciate/buy, depreciate/lease' but looking at the costs and benefits of each option. I've known people take on leases and then get made redundant. Others who change jobs, use a car far more and have to make a large end of lease payment due to excess mileage. But there is also instance an where someone has bought a car and lost £10k in depreciation over 2 years when they could have leased it for £6k.

"If it appreciates in value, buy it. If it depreciates,"

If you are self employed then any depreciation , servicing , consumables are all able to be off set against tax.

Anyone who pays £26.5K for this is off their rocker . If you are going to buy a new car , then you buy one within its first year ( or more ) after the original owner has taken the hit.

People who have the money , buy . People who don't have the money get it on tic

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