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RA4W VPN: Lifetime Subscription @ cult of mac $9.99 was $199!
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
I've posted this before for more but it has expired. This is the one I have been using for about the last six months. They have had their ups and downs. They respond quickly if the… Read more

I think it goes cold because when you Google it it's reported as a scam company on certain websites. They also had a database leak some years back and apparently keep logs. I think that's enough to scare people off


Stacksocial is CultOfMac, which is xda developers; which is androidcentral; which is gdgt; which is not gdpr; which may be any other combination of marketing facade:


It's the normal way of things, unless it's a blindly obvious deal, a few cold votes, then the others all follow, or a few warm votes and it gets hot :) Ps cult of mac is now stacksocial


Same price at Stacksocial. It's a bit rough around the edges compared to most front ends, but seems to do the job. As others say though there isn't an actual app for phones/tablets so you have to manually configure it. Supplied PC app works fine (bit amateurish). Not masses of exit points but it is cheap. I'd be interested to know why it's getting such low votes. Maybe there's something I need to know!


:) Its $15.99 per year from their site or $19.99 lifetime Go figure :)

Windscribe VPN: 3-Yr Pro Subscription @ Stacksocial - $15.99 (£11.92)
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
I've been keeping an eye out for a new deal on Windscribe. I appreciate this isn't as good as some of the previous offerings from Stacksocial but still crazy good value regardless.
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Expired :(


Try this, Vypr vpn


See the post here. Seems yes, but flawed.


FYI lads and lasses... windscribe is part of the '14 eyes' meaning they keep logs of you and should any of big boys want to find out what you are accessing, they can gather this data easily enough. There's a reason they are cheap. Heat for the price OP but if you want something more secure, start looking for VPN providers outside the 14 eyes.


If that was true they wouldn't log your bandwidth.

Adguard Programme (not browser extension) - lifetime license for 2 PC/Macs and 2 Android - £18 (with code) @ Stack Social
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
The AdGuard programme is an excellent ad blocker for use on your whole device (windows/mac/android). It blocks ads and tracking in your browser and outside of it, for example if yo… Read more

Jimmymagic - yes you can use this blocker as well as many of the free ones to do this. In settings you need to add the "annoyances" filter. In other programmes process should be similar or use can use the prebake filter ( if you're comfortable adding filters My pleasure. I'm glad I found it too - love it!


Can this be used to block annoying EU cookie notifications, and if so, will it work in every browser?


Thanks for posting this, coincidence but I was actually using AdGuard on a trial already when I spotted this deal.. paid £18.58 via Paypal. (y) As HankHandsome mentioned it's definitely the best adblocker for my Android device that I've ever used too.


Wayners, fair enough to be suspicious in the current climate where nothing can be trusted. Good advice to use opensource browsers and plugins. I've tried a lot of them and they are useful. AdGuard has been around for years with lots and lots of recommendations on the net. People have asked the trustworthiness question before and it seems there's little cause for concern but we'll see. For now, I love that I can use one product, on my laptop and phone, at home or out and about, and it works better than anything I've ever used before. Specifically on apps and programmes that are outside of the browser. I don't have to change any settings or add filters for complete ad blocking. Very pleased


Adguard's latest update allows you to "pause" the adblocking for a particular app. You have to be in the app itself and you swipe down from the top of the screen and it should give you the option to "pause". You can do that, or go into adguard itself and find the 'app management' menu. scroll down to the app you want to allow and just tap the box to remove the tick from "route all traffic through adguard" and it'll permanently exclude it from adblocking. I had to do that with my TSB Banking app because it didn't like AdGuard, but it works fine now. As someone who purchased the premium version of adguard on iOS a couple of years ago and who also has had the premium version on android for about a year, as well as using their DNS servers for extra adblocking, I can certainly assure you that i've had no trouble with them at any point. my stats so far on adguard are that it's saved nearly 11gb of data and has blocked over half a million ads.

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Windscribe VPN Pro Subscription - 1 year £14.10($19) plus Lifetime £51.22 ($69) @ StackSocial
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Stack Social seem to have a heavily discounted promotion on for Pro memberships of Windscribe VPN, seems like a great deal. $19 dollars to try it for a year or $69 for life. - Wi… Read more
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Does this work on Sony Bravia TV''s and Android phones?


Me too and works a treat.. no problems with connecting. I can't say anything about the negatives as it does what I want it to.


Still wont let you use Vudu with it thou :(


Nope, I've been with them several months (from a previous deal posted here) never had a problem, but today I can't use the VPN on anything at the moment. Can't even log in to the Windscribe website, it just times out.Hopefully be back up and running soon.


What a shame it seems like all servers are down the first day I subscribed to it (lol) . Is that a common occurrence?

SlickVPN CORE Plan: Lifetime Subscription $29 (£22 odd) @ Stacksocial
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Thought this was a great price for a lifetime subscription to a VPN. Servers in 11 countries and 27 locations to help you remain anonymous. Want to browse more VPN offers? Check … Read more
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I picked up VPNSecure from StackSocial and I think that was around the same price - and thats for full access to all their servers. What would be super handy would be if these VPN services advertised the speed of the locations. As you say, having servers there isnt usually enough and that extra level of detail would be great for sales I bet.


I assume it is a reduced service for the price, as their main site says 45+. Which, in consideration is fair as the price is very low for lifetime access.


Zero logs too, which is desirable


Offers servers in 11 countries & 27 locations around the world That doesnt seem like many... Also, would depend on locations - as I know (from my walk of life) theres some pretty niche locations that take up 80% of the requirement.

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TigerVPN - Lifetime Subscription.  £12.63 at Stack Social (with code)
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Spice up your Internet access and defend your right to privacy with TigerVPN. With their military grade encryption software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS your entire communica… Read more
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WARNING - Just found this in the Ts and Cs - From time to time, tigerVPN will do marketing campaigns with 3rd party vendors or individually. In case of special deals and promotions, especially where a subscription is sold without the character of a recurring subscription, or where recurring payments will be taken in a greater future than 3 years from the signup, or when deals feature payment terms that are unlimited, indefinite or without any foreseeable termination by default, the local law requires us to terminate these account 5 years after creation. Continuation or renewal of such deals are in the sole discretion of tigerVPN and will be approved if the cost of providing such service is still in a healthy balance of the financial gains from the original payment. Customers must file for such extension by sending an email 1 day prior or after the expiration date. This email address is help at tigervpn dot com (spam protection) The way I read the above is that you need to apply for renewal 5 years after you take out the account (+/-1day) and even then Tiger VPN don't have to renew your subscription. Still a good price for 5 years, but very disappointing that Tiger or StackSocial don't make the limitation much more obvious.


Just bought this for Sky Go as I’m in the US for 6 weeks and it says unable to Stream


Anybody having problems with Tiger this morning? Won’t connect on either of my iOS devices. edit - all working again now. Maybe some early morning Sunday maintenance?


Will this work on a Chromebook?


Thanks a lot, wasnt aware!

RoboForm Everywhere Family Plan: 5-Year Subscription £35 @ Stack social
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Offer valid for new RoboForm Everywhere users only Individual 5 year plan Plan $29.00 (£20.49) Individual is £59.95 and family is £119.90 from RoboForm directly. Automatic… Read more

Is Lastpass any good / better than roboform ?


I used to be a Roboform user but is there any point in it now that LastPass is free? I switched as soon as that happened and found it not only cheaper (free) but a nicer product.

Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access (9 Part Course) £20.63 with code @ Stacksocial
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Great package if you are looking to get into networking and seeking a CCNA qualification, which is mandatory for working with Cisco Networking systems. You get a 9 part course, wh… Read more
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This course is does not much with original (by cisco) courses. Modules not compatible with official ccna discovery (lower level) or ccna explorer (higher level). Looks a like to me just introduction material for some modules.

jsmith1 website ("Website") is an Internet based content service operated by XpertSkills Development and Mentorship a Closed Corporation incorporated under the laws of South Africa.


CCNA is exceedingly basic and a useful basic primer. Much like Prince Foundation, it gets people talking at a common basic level of understanding so the words have the same meaning. However it falls way short of requiring people to respect your opinion because you are CCNA. Managers need it, not techies If you want to design or configure kit (to a high standard) you need CCNP or CCDA to a) have a right to be taken seriously; or b) get paid a premium.


Agreed 100% - Cisco push this narrative purely as an advertising technique, unfortunately it obviously works as there is a bit of an obsession around ccna/p. Most people will soon realise when they work in networking that this isn't the case atall.


so this is all online and not classroom based??

Windscribe Pro 3 Years VPN for £8.80 with code at Stacksocial
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Use code 'MMSAVE' to get the price down to $12.37 (about £8.80 and was $22.49). Pretty sure this can be done not just with the 3-year option as well. Previous code/thread for stac… Read more

Does anyone know if these codes can stack? i know 90% chance that it wont but work asking.



sent a email to windsrcibe about getting disconnected. they said to send them a log..they said the following |"Can you please make a connection attempt, wait 2 minutes, make sure you have Internet connectivity (disconnect if you don't) and then go into Preferences, in the Debug tab, click "Send Log" so we could have a look. Please reply to this ticket once you have sent the log. If the log fails to send, click "View Log" and copy/paste it into this email." where is the debug tab ?i cant find it in my windscribe account..


well i got it working now, but it keeps getting disconnected and is very using utorrent and it keeps getting disconnected. Not that impressed so far. I suppose you get what you paid for.


I don't have the windscribe PC add in as use privatevpn instead. However, this sounds to me like the kill list is working. So you connect to your internet say Virgin Then you connect to windscribe's France server Sometimes if it loses connection to the VPN it turns off ALL internet this is because if you were accessing something that you wanted to keep private from Virgin or wanted them to think you were accessing from France, then it doesn't reveal your identity This kill switch happens a fair few times on privatevpn and I just close the program. I don't have windscribe program installed - just used a firefox add on and mobile app so far. Can anyone help? But try turning the program off righclick it's icon in bottom right and press close

ZOOG VPN Lifetime VPN for $29.99 @ Stack social
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Lifetime SubscriptionZOOG VPN (2042) for $29.99. I've been using it for few months now and it's great. Plenty of servers to choose from. Details & Requirements Fast speed … Read more
taylope1 about £13 qui


Thei website says : We simply don't keep any logs, so we can't pass any. Furthermore, ZoogVPN runs its own DNS


Based in the UK and logs. Doesn't sound great.

The Complete PRINCE2 Certification Training Bundle Course for $19, which is around £13.70 at Stacksocial Online
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
If anyone wants to learn Prince2 - project management. The 18-Hour Track to Acing PRINCE2 Exams & Earning a Top Project Management Certification This covers the Foundation an… Read more

Thanks; purchased. Prince 2 is useful if you are already a project manager with some experience. The problem we have is loads of people graduate and just do prince 2 and think they are project managers.


Prince 2 is almost all common sense, and the foundation exam only requires 50% to pass. A joke, the foundation is just to snare people in to taking the next more expensive exam because they are already invested - it's business first before teaching. I studied through Prince 2 material and read the books and frankly it just devalued the qualification and I thought getting the cert was not worth the cost.


PRINCE2 needs to die in a fire.


Absolutely. Employers want experience, not paper CCNA, Prince or any other certification. Industry is littered with these people that have the certs but don't know their arse from their elbow. I've met a few :)


Can anyone buy one and send me the login details? (highfive) Would like to see what it's like first as they also an "Entire MBA course" for $15 which makes me a bit sceptical....

Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription for £27.14 with code
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription for 27.14 with code "MMSAVE" My first deal, Please polite :)

Thanks op


I just upgraded to get 10Gb on the free app (added my email) and seems to work on fire TV now


You need premium for winflix server. Netflix blocked a lot of servers ages ago so you have to pay extra now


I am using the free app on my fire tv but Netflix US identified i an using a blocker app. Tried all 3 US servers on the free app also limited to 2Gb. Any advice on getting this to work


Still working 23rd Mar 2018

Windscribe VPN 3-year subscription with code WINDSCRIBESD20 - $13.49  / £10 at  StackSocial
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Have been using this for a while, having a dedicated app for windows and android Price listed as $22.49, but with code WINDSCRIBESD20 it comes down to $12.49 (c.£9 in total) for a… Read more
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took the plunge and oredered


anyone else get a chrome message saying that windscribe has changed my proxy settings?


Thank you!!!!!


That only means you reserve the right to watch your home region from elsewhere in Europe rather than their local version. Most people using it for streaming want it to watch regions other than their home region. It also wont apply to the UK once we leave Europe anyway. Also unlocking streaming isn't the only reason to use a VPN.


Expired :(

2TB & 3TB Lifetime online (Cloud) storage at StackSocial for £45
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
$60 for the 2TB online storage for a lifetime subscription or $65 for the 3TB neither bad in my opinion, received via email as it's 95% off works out about £45-£50 (correct me if I… Read more

Love a bit of irony! You saw a stupid question but I saw someone who just perhaps didn't understand the difference so they asked. I haven't bothered to check but congratulations on your many wonderfully hot deals posted - what did you win? Praise and adoration of the masses on this site?


Yeh that's what I thought, a nice price drop from 1500usd (lol) (lol) if that's what people paid I'm sure they would stick around a bit longer


The guy was exhibiting a little empathy, all in all, that's a good trait to have.


Again this is for the lifetime of the company, not your lifetime. These type of company tend to go bankrupt or vanish after a few years as it is just impossible to keep paying to rent the server as well as maintenance fee. So if you keeping important file on there please make a backup or don't buy this service at all.


Nah, all his/her comments are pretty much the same.. plus I only answered the question with evidence, what's wrong with that?

ZenMate Premium: Lifetime SubscriptionStay Protected Online & Access the Content You Love with This Award-Winning Security Solution ($840.00 94% off​), for $49.99 (which is roughly £36.09​), be quick, as Deal ends in 4 day's time, at Stacksocial
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
ZenMate Premium: Lifetime SubscriptionStay Protected Online & Access the Content You Love with This Award-Winning Security Solution ($840.00 94% off), for $49.99 (which is roug… Read more

used premium and have updated to this cant see why this should be cold as reliable VPN software it may not provides fasstest connection out there but it works !!


Same here. I have never found a reason yet to upgrade to premium.


i have the free version of zenmate as a chrome extension. i find it to be excellent. Watched many sporting events online in the US via zenmate.


Some of the reviews put me off it


Any reason this is getting cold votes? Are ZenMate not very good? £36ish for lifetime use seems a good deal to me.

"Lifetime" Subscription to VPN Unlimited. £13 at Stack Social with Code
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Using the code "VPNSD22" on checkout reduces the price from $39.99 to $18 dollars, which is £13 pounds in "real" money. Code tested as working at 1 0:33pm on 17th of March . T… Read more
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"Coupon has expired"


Just tried this and its not working anymore (21:41 - 02/05/2018)


Tried today said code expired 😣😣 I've found code fv5sp3y but only get $3 off


Has anyone tried the code today, if it has worked could you please let me know if it was done on a mobile or laptop and do we need to register before you add the code.


Worked perfectly for me today on 1st of May. Thanks. I also tested a few apps out and this worked the best on my Sony Android TV for reliability while streaming live TV.

Private Internet Access VPN Subscriptions 66% off via Stack Social
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
One of the better VPN providers out there, with good discounts for 1yr, 3yr or 5yr subscriptions. Additional 10% discount possible with StackSocial voucher code by subscribing. End… Read more
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My 1st year with PIA expires tomorrow and cant fault it at all. Anyone know of any discount codes to get it cheaper than the $39?


Yep, on Windows 10 (and didn't have any issues on Windows 8 or 7 either)


You don't nescersarily have to put it in modem mode. You can put the 2nd router on a different subnet so you still have the majority of your network on your own IP and the 2nd router for the VPN. This is what I do as it's a pain switching constantly when you don't want the VPN on. Example - superhub is on VPN router is on


What version of Windows? I was using Windows 10 (the main reason I've moved to Linux!) and also tried on Server 2016, but that is basically Windows 10 anyway.

*Offer extended* VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for 5 devices - £13 @ Stack Social
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
StackSocial are doing a deal on a VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for 5 devices for $39.99, but if you enter this code "VPNSD22" it drops to $18 (which is £12.92 according to G… Read more
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offer and discount still working, i opened a trial accounnt as i wanted to access some restricted sites in india. The bangalore server is still detected as a vpn or something as it is still blocked but the pune server is ok. Also tried some streaming of online tv, just to see how it would fare and it managed ok but not as good quality picture as if i had no vpn when it streams from a nearer server. but since that was not my main reason for it i was happy with it. So i then went ahead and paid the £13 for a life time sub, its a bit fiddely to find the redeem option but its in the my account section.


Offer and discount code still working ;)


Bought today and the code still working thanks OP Manage to watch (netflix US) on iMac, iPad mini, Samsung Note 4 (Android 6.0.1), Moto G4 (Android 7.0). But wasn't able to watch (netflix US) on Amazon Fire TV (1gen), even after successfully installed the app and choose the right server, followed the instructions on VPN Unlimited website Did anyone manage to watch (netflix US) or HULU on Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV?


Code is still working


this or Ivacy VPN