Staedtler ergosoft Colouring Pencils asst pack 12 was £12.60 Now £5.91 AMAZON

Staedtler ergosoft Colouring Pencils asst pack 12 was £12.60 Now £5.91 AMAZON

Found 18th Dec 2012
Thought these were quite a good buy... Great for the kids and they seem to last longer than the cheaper brands

Product Features:
*Popular colours supplied
*Slim coloured pencil for all age groups
*ABS - Anti-break system - for uninterrupted creativity
*Unique, non-slip soft surface
*Soft, break-resistant lead
*Perfect ergonomics thanks to triangular shape
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Good find.
Once you've had these you won't buy inferior pencils again
Asda had these reduced to £4.50 yesterday. Good pencils!
pack of 24 is also same price
Might be more expensive but the case protects them to stop endless broken tips etc so actually work out quite good value. Heat.
great deal
good find, thanks.

great deal

Think this is a good price for decent pencils so hot.

I've never used a pencil so much that it is down to an inch but this seems decent for artists.

Available to EVERYONE DELIVERED at this price so better tha most "deals" on here.

Could do with putting Amazon in title - only criticism!

Great deal for the only pencils I would ever buy for my children - thanks!
how does the colour compare with Crayola? me and my kids use Crayola exclusively as up to now i have yet to find anything with a more vibrant and uniform colour without spending ALOT more.....
i wouldnt buy any other, my daughter loves these x
German quality is the best
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