Stagg BBQ Chilli With Potato Wedges 380g: 25p at Morrisons

Stagg BBQ Chilli With Potato Wedges 380g: 25p at Morrisons

Found 9th Jan 2017
Offer price 25p when you order by 09/04/2017. Offer subject to availability. Maximum 20 promotional items per customer.
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I actually like this stuff :O
I enjoy stagg usually.. hot
Looks like minimum order £40 and delivery only, and they don't deliver near me (Edinburgh) which is hardly Highlands and Islands so bit of a restricted offer. Available in store?
Eww, soggy wedges.
Saw this last week in store and it was marked up reduced to clear at 25p.
Due to that I didn't report it as I hate those 1 store wild goose chase deals but as it's online also nice spot.
I wouldn't mark this as expired so soon - especially as it was supposed to be on until April. I know this product is no longer on Morrisons' website but some Morrisons is still almost certain to have it, even if only a tin mixed in in error with other varieties that aren't on RTC (and therefore staff not noticed and not put up a 25p that might have seen them otherwise cleared out), or there will be a tin at the back of an RTC shelf somewhere. The fact that someone else has now posted this deal a month later, and is still live, seems to support the product still being somewhere.

Stagg Classic Chilli with Potato Wedges (380g) is now also on 25p RTC (I do not know whether it was originally) as I saw that the other day in one Morrisons.
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