Stainless Steel 1/2L flask for £2.10! @ Sainsbury's

Stainless Steel 1/2L flask for £2.10! @ Sainsbury's

Found 24th May 2013
Was in Sainsbury's in Kenton this evening and I spotted this flask on the shelf for £7 marked down from £11. I wanted a flask for coffee to take with me on the motorcycle (so not too big), this looked like just what I need. So I took it to the till and the lady scanned it in...and said "oh, there's a special offer on that", and the till took £4.90 off the £7!

Neither of us could quite believe it, so the lady called over her supervisor and they checked, apparently it's a clearance nationwide on this product.

I think it's a great deal, £2.10 and it's every bit as solid as the Thermos one I used to have (which erm fell of the motorbike a while ago, it was bungeed on to the back and worked its way loose).
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Thank you to those who are voting hot, you're keeping my coffee warm :-)

I guess those voting cold would prefer to use it for their Iced Tea?
Definitely one for the "big girls".

Where do you put the batteries?
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