Stainless Steel Colander £1 @ Poundstretcher

Stainless Steel Colander £1 @ Poundstretcher

LocalFound 20th Feb 2017
A good price for a kitchen must-have.

This kitchen staple is a must have for every home. While its compact shape makes it perfect for storing away, its traditional style ensures that it will be fit for purpose!

Compact Shape
Traditional Design
Stainless Steel
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Heat, but I am not entirely sure I'd want to eat one of these ....
good find op, heat added
Good price but 'compact shape'?

Good price but 'compact shape'?

I just spot the bargains - don't write the marketing blurb.(_;)
Are they seconds?

All the ones I checked had holes in them!
This came around at the perfect time. I need a new one as my old ones got a hole in it.
What's the point, it's mid February so you've already lost a month and a half.
Well bless your noodles! Nice looking budget religious headwear for the budget-conscious. Heat. FSM loves you.
I don't know if this is normal medium size but I got a mini one from wilkinson for a £1 and I just love it. It's so cute
Perfect to stop the aliens reading your mind
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