Stainless steel garden torch - £7.50 In store only @ Tesco

Stainless steel garden torch - £7.50 In store only @ Tesco

Found 28th Jul 2009
Found this wee torch heater in my local tesco's not sure how good it is but im very tempted to get one.

This Tesco stainless steel garden torch creates a warm atmosphere in your garden. The garden torch has a 1.1kw output and can be placed on the ground or on a table. This gas powered garden torch is suitable for use by ages 18 years+. This garden torch doesn't include gas container. Gas canister required: Butane Battery Gas Cartridge A4 (Code: BS 0130)


I got 3 of these last year for £7!!! They are very effective and great at garden parties but don't expect to get any heat out of them at all. I really can't believe that they are advertising that they produce 1.1kw of heat. That's almost as much as our electric fire at home. Trust me we had ours on for 30mins and the metal surround remains stone cold. Also you need to purchase small butane canisters which you can pick up for about a £1 each.

Price on link £15.00 ?:thinking: plus £5.00 delivery.

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oh right i was wanting bit of heat - not just a bit of light - think ill go for the chiminea instead then!


They are very effective, but not sold as a heater, sold as a torch. They were still priced at £30 on shelf but scanned at £7.50. Checked the black ones but they scanned at £25, although these were £12.50 last week! Good find

Got two of these today, the tesco at durham still has them in£7.50 even though the black ones were still £25???

Set them up, then went to put the gas bottle in that I had bought and discovered I had bought the screw in type and it was the wrong fitting DOH!!!!

Thanks for the heads up andymack
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