Stainless Steel Solar lights - 10 Pack Was: £79.99  Save: £60.00 (75%)  Now: £19.99

Stainless Steel Solar lights - 10 Pack Was: £79.99 Save: £60.00 (75%) Now: £19.99

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Found 27th Jun 2008

Illuminate your decking area, garden or path way with this 10 pack of environmentally friendly, Stainless Steel Solar Lights. The ultra bright bulbs charge automatically by day and turn on automatically by dusk.


* Ideal for lighting walkways and gardens
* Easy to assemble - no wiring or tools required
* Stainless steel finish
* Ultra bright bulbs and reflecting panels
* Lasts up to 8 hours on full charge
* Environmentally friendly and energy efficient


Good f ind, but I dont believe Woolworths ever sold these for the original price of £79.99 !!!

This is a good deal ...bought these lights for the same price in a sale in Feb this year. They are very good, much better than the standard ones. I have just bought another set.

Don't forget code 'freeww' for free delivery.

i got 6 chrome solar lights from tesco last week for £6.75 they look really good they would of cost £11.25 for 10 but wouldn't pay 19.99 for them!

thats not a bad deal at £2 per light imo
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