S.T.A.L.K.E.R Bundle (PC) 75% OFF - £6.24 @ Steam

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Bundle (PC) 75% OFF - £6.24 @ Steam

Found 28th Oct 2010Made hot 30th Oct 2010
2 Brilliant games at an excellent price.
Weekend steam deal seems to of started early.


Nice find, shame that I already have the first one on steam, and clear sky on disk. May still get it though.

This is the third one (the newest release) plus the first (no Clear Sky here) - shame I already have the first but a very good deal for "Call of Pripyat" even by itself. If this is the weekend special it does seem to have come early.

Bioshock for £3.49 looks good too...

No Clear Sky isn't a bad thing - it was a dog of a game!

CoP is the best one by far.

got both already, but still great great price

Definitely considering this one.


if you can mod SoC with oblivion lost or similar it's a good deal (not 100% if that can be done on steam) but even unmodded as long as it's patched it's a bloody good game. CoP is possibly best game in seris for graphics gameplay and stability (watching sun rise over an anomaly is still impressive even if the core engine hasn't changed since first) but unfortunately it's beginning is very offputting as the narrative is very incoherent.

CS is just bad though, you might get lucky and have factions and npc scripting work out for you in which case the basic game is an improvement, but 9 times outta 10 npc's will crap out on you in my experience - moot point as it's not in this pack

hot, would get it if i hadn't already, bit of polish and this seris would have been one of the best FPS around

Worth it for Call of Pripyat alone.


from steams forums, stalker on steam can be modded and this thread also handily explains how - good news as oblivion lost completely changes the shadow of chernobyl experience and the other two games can be markedly improved upon


Biggest let down in my gaming history, read plenty of comments like the above, and merrily purchased it, looking forward to the experience I had read about, imagine my dismay when I was faced with a half arsed game that is almost impenetrable to try and work out what the actual point of it is, poor user interface, laughable dialogue, awful graphics, terrible A.I., about the same atmosphere as an empty room, just awful awful awful !

Even at £6.24 its about £5.24 too much. And I didn't just try it once, I tried in hope of redeeming my original investment but gave up after a number of hours that I will never get back ! To top it all off I couldnt even sell it on to some other poor fool as I bought it on steam ! it will now be a stain on my games list forever, does anyone know if you can have games removed ? It really is that bad ! It disgusts me every time I see it in my list, I curse myself for being a fool !
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