Stanley 19" one touch tool box £8.00 @ Homebase

Stanley 19" one touch tool box £8.00 @ Homebase

Found 2nd Dec 2016Made hot 3rd Dec 2016
Searching for a tool box and came across this bargain. Competitors have this item for £23+. Excellent Christmas present if you were thinking of getting something like this. Great if you just wanted to neaten up your stash of tools. I purchased in Penge store; they had about 3 on display.


Hinges snap off these... Stanley stuff is poor. It'd be cheaper to buy a bucket with a lid. Oh, and their 'customer service' is worse!

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I would prefer a tool box for tools than a bucket....get some heat

Went to look at these they are labeled as Stanley made for Homebase so that tells you everything , Ok if you want them for keeping sandwiches in not more than 3 or 4 tho.

I've had one of these for at least two years and still going strong with regular use, very pleased with it. Probably not up to professional standards but excellent for diyers.

lightweight and poor quality! only thing from stanley thats worth buying is their FATMAX range and which are definitely great quality

brought one 2 days ago from Greenwich BandQ they had loads..... i just need tools in one place instead of all over the house so its fine for me...... heat added

Just bought one, yes plastic hinges but looks fine for the home. Wouldn't take it on site personally.
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