Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver - £3.90 from Lidl Starting from the 16th Feb
Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver - £3.90 from Lidl Starting from the 16th Feb

Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver - £3.90 from Lidl Starting from the 16th Feb

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Hi guys been looking at diy deals as of late and realised that Lidl do a small but decent range of Stanley tools as reasonable prices. Went in today for some white silicon and seen the latest leaflet showing some tools of the trade. Seen the following Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver which I have seen in the past for around £10

Product description:

Versatile Screwdriver with interchangeable bars

Set contains: Soft Grip Handle - 1 hook driver - 1 tack lifter - 1 bradawl - 3 Phillips cross head bars - 3 slotted bars



EDIT: New link added guys


Had one for ages, use it all the time, a steal at this price.

Lidl 'special' offers are sometimes regional so be sure you have your local store in the box on the top right of the link page. Offers start on Mondays and Thursdays and are usually advertised on the internet a week or two before the available date. The instore leaflet is usually put out the week before the offers.

Aldi follows a similar pattern but their offers start on Sundays and Thursdays.

Got this. Good product, excellent price.

bargain...can't fall out at that price...HEAT added and TY to the OP!

Great price if you can manage to get a set.

Just shows how down market stanley tools have gone.

Stanley used to be quality tools but now are just cheap Chinese stuff.

Thanks a lot for this! Been wanting one of these for a while and at this price it's perfect

Very disappointed by quality of Draper and Stanley now. Had the reputation and that is still what they sell on. Usually cheap far eastern rubbish. Even the "Draper Expert". Got myself a set of wera screwdrivers. End of damaging screw heads and the screwdriver lasts

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I must say, I myself am a little surprised with how bad Draper have become. They werent ever the best but their tools were good value for money. Now however its just cheap and nasty stuff all of which can be purchased from Chinese tool manufacturers offering OEM services.

With Stanley, ive realised some tools arent as good as they used to be but recent I purchased a Toolbox which was pretty decent. Infact recently ive purchased a few handtools also such as the fatmax saw, fatmax compass saw, rasp and various other bits and bobs. They all still posses the same quality as the old stanley tools. But some of their stuff has lost that quality factor

I've never had a problem with Stanley before to be honest with you, but If i manage to get a set I'd be wiser for the future, even if they do fail to impress for £3.90 it ain't really the end of the world. Then I'll go back to my trusty Forge Steel tools

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Yep Forge Steel tools are pretty decent and you get some right bargains from screwfix at times

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Blimey i went in at lunch time and not a sign of these. Asked the manager (a real idiot) and he goes well mate sometimes things sell out in two mins.

Anyone around their place got a load of stock in?

in stock in Middlesbrough today :thumbsup:

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Yep same in all the three stores around me too now. Seems as though they werent actually put out on the shop floor until today
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