Stanley  FatMax Folding Chisel £4 Amazon add-on

Stanley FatMax Folding Chisel £4 Amazon add-on


Got 2 of these other day very well made


Thanks goodenough101, I'm always on the look out for a handy Add On tem

Love Stanley tools...last forever. Have heat op

Handy to keep as a make-up remover if you are a "celebrity"

Looks like those little cogs are plastic, and wear out after a few hits with a hammer. The chisel then wobbles

Don't take it down the pub if you get angry easily & people always pinch your girlfriend because you are a tw@t

A butterfly chisel

OMG No, no, no, no, no, no,NO! At its best if it’s very, very sharp it might work but how the hell has a ‘Flick’ chisel got past H&SE & onto the market ? I like Stanley from years past but WTF. Obviously American invention

Roderz7 h, 14 m ago

A butterfly chisel wow

Ninja throwing chisels.

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years. As a Chisel it is far from great. It does work and for light use it gets the job done. If I was going to use it more I’d buy better.

However I find it an invaluable tool for the bag. The butterfly handle means I no longer play Russian roulette with my fingers hunting through the bag. I also find this really handy for removing silicone from round the bath, sink, shower, etc. Opens boxes well, a handy wee pry bar, etc.

If you don’t see this as a serious chisel, you’ll use and abuse it. Which is where is becomes useful.

dealerxxx11 h, 43 m ago

And those who want from eBay £1.25 extra …And those who want from eBay £1.25 extra

Cheaper here…8hB

What, no comments about legal carry? Tut,tut.

Amazing tool. Also £7.50 at BnQ

£12.49 now on the link provided!
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