Stanley Folding Utility Knife  IN STORE - £1 @ Wickes

Stanley Folding Utility Knife IN STORE - £1 @ Wickes

LocalFound 10th Mar
Folding utility knife designed for safety and convenient storage. Ergonomically designed for comfort and with heavy duty construction for longer working life.
- One-hand open/close for fast, easy access
- Aluminium body lightweight but very strong
- Instant blade change to save time
- Compatible with standard Stanley blades
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Only in stock in Bristol ?
I haven't had this specific knife but I've had several similar ones, and the problem is the blade release tends to be a push-down mechanism right where your thumb sits, so you inadvertently release the blade during use. This looks like it might be the same, it appears to be a push-down lever (just in front of the pivot point). So cold from me, as even at a pound the bad design is annoying and at times a hindrance.

I did have one that had lift-up latch and that was much better (like in the photo below), if you can find one like that:

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Looks like you got the last one
More chance of winning the lottery than finding one of these in stock by looks of it. Cold.
F*ck it, I'm gona travel to Bristol for this £1 knife
Only in stock in Bristol ?
cant be botherd
Have one of these and its awesome.... obviously paid multiples more at b&q.
@LittleAmo were there any others left in the store?
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