Stanley IntelliMeasure Distance Estimator £12.99 instore @ Lidl

Stanley IntelliMeasure Distance Estimator £12.99 instore @ Lidl

Found 13th Jan 2008
This offer starts on THURSDAY 17th JANUARY 2008 instore

For anyone who has to measure rooms for decorating or any reason at all, this is a bargain. All other measuring devices start around £25.00. This is ideal for use at home or as a back up for more expensive measuring devices.

Intuitively designed toggle button features three measuring modes: length, area and volume
Choose between metric or imperial measurements
Large, easy to read LCD screen
Displays last 3 measurements for quick reference
Automatically calculates area and volume
Manual addition mode for specialised calculations (i.e. perimeter)
Requires 9V battery (not included)


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Sorry, this is first posting & a little unsure what to do exactly (particularly with the voting thing!) guess i'll get there with a bit more experience. Yes, more feedback would be appreciated!:oops:

I voted hot, seems a good price for this sort of item from a named brand. So, a good deal if you want one. I don't need one though, I have a Stanley tape measure which works fine.

Very nice - useful for a lot of reasons. Seems to be a cheap price
The photo is not the same - looks newer version on LIDL website.
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Sorry about the picture. 1st psoting & new to this so was unsure how to upload photo from my desktop. Any tips gratefully received.:roll:
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