Stanley Kubrick Collection: 9dvd: Box Set £24.99 @ HMV + free uk delivery & Quidco

Stanley Kubrick Collection: 9dvd: Box Set £24.99 @ HMV + free uk delivery & Quidco

Found 5th Feb 2010
This boxed set represents a full selection of master director Stanley Kubrick's greatest and most famous films, from his early days to his final movie. The collection includes: LOLITA (1962), DR. STRANGELOVE (1964). 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968), A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971), BARRY LYNDON (1975), THE SHINING (1980), FULL METAL JACKET (1987), and EYES WIDE SHUT (1999). See individual titles for descriptions and technical details.
The release also features the documentary STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES, a vastly entertaining look at Kubrick, made by the people who loved him most and knew him best. Jan Harlan, who worked with Kubrick for more than 30 years, put the film together with the help of his widow, Christiane Kubrick, so it includes fabulous home movies of Kubrick as a young boy, as well as shots of the photographs he took when he worked for Look magazine before beginning his stellar film career. The film examines each of Kubrick's films, from the early short DAY OF THE FIGHT and FEAR AND DESIRE through FULL METAL JACKET and EYES WIDE SHUT, interviewing people associated with each project. Harlan also sheds light on some of Kubrick's unfinished works, including ARYAN PAPERS, NAPOLEON, and A.I., which Kubrick wanted Steven Spielberg to direct--and after Stanley's death, Spielberg did indeed make the film, with Harlan serving as a producer. Clips are shown from each film, along with behind-the-scenes footage, both as stills and live action, showing Kubrick on the job, illuminating his work process and revealing him to be more of a much-loved friend and colleague than a reclusive tyrant.

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