Stanley Kubrick : Special Edition 10 Disc Box Set - £19.97 delivered @ Amazon !

Stanley Kubrick : Special Edition 10 Disc Box Set - £19.97 delivered @ Amazon !

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DVD Description :--- This Special Edition box set encompasses some of Kubrick's best known and controversial titles, showcasing the late film-maker's talent. The Box Set includes: 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut and the documentary A Life in Pictures.

To date Stanley Kubrick remains one of cinema's most controversial film-maker. This box set highlights some of his greatest work, from the visionary 2001:A Space Odyssey, the violent and highly-debated A Clockwork Orange, the chilling adaptation of The Shining, the acclaimed war drama Full Metal Jacket, to his final piece, the controversial Eyes Wide Shut. And to top it off, the treat of this box set, the fascinating Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures.

Stanley Kubrick was one of the most acclaimed and controversial filmmakers of his generation, but he was also an intensely private man who rarely gave interviews and produced most of his films under a shroud of secrecy, which tended to foster a great deal of rumour and speculation about his working methods. Jan Harlan, who worked as Kubrick's assistant and executive producer on several projects directed this feature-length documentary. Narrated by Tom Cruise, this offers a rare in-depth look into Kubrick's career as a filmmaker, structured around interviews with a number of actors, writers, technicians, composers, friends, and family who speak on the record about his relentless perfectionism, his creative vision, his life both on and off the set, his relationships with actors, his unrealised projects, and his importance and influence as an artist.

Among those who share their thoughts in Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures are actors Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Malcolm McDowell, Peter Ustinov, and Keir Dullea; writers Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Herr; special effects artist Douglas Trumbull; composers Wendy Carlos and Gyorgy Ligeti; filmmakers Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Paul Mazursky, and Sydney Pollack; and Kubrick's spouse Christiane Kubrick. The choice of titles is undeniably spot on, and the extras really give a sense of who the man was, what his legacy is, and the privilege it was for the people who collaborated with him on his cinematic journey. -- Jennifer Kilchenmann


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Amazon also have this 3 DVD set for £5.98 delivered

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The full set is worth it just for getting a copy of "Stanley Kubrick - A Life In Pictures" which has never been released by itself in the UK - though I did find a copy on a market stall a few years ago

glad i waited on getting this boxset. a few days ago i was going to buy this from for £29.99.

great deal!

Hot! :thumbsup:

Any cold voters please explain why :roll:

Hot Hot Hot !!:thumbsup:

Shame no Barry Lyndon but anything Kubrick is essential. Hot.


Hot! :thumbsup:Any cold voters please explain why :roll:

good price for a dvd set, but personally I'm waiting for BluRay to come down in price (decided to stop buying DVDs if the title is avaiable on BD), btw didn't vote cold.

Temp out of stock, but £2 cheaper at…EUS

If you just want Kubrick films but not extras, this set is probably a better buy...…ea7

At £27.99 that last one's hardly a better buy as it's more expensive but without extras!


great buy :santa:
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