Star-Lord Costume £4.99 / Nerf Blaster £7.49 @ disney store

Star-Lord Costume £4.99 / Nerf Blaster £7.49 @ disney store

Found 30th Dec 2015Made hot 30th Dec 2015
Guardians stuff further reduced instore and online (£4.99 postage)

Star-Lord Costume - £4.99
Deluxe Star-Lord Costume - £7.99
Nerf Quad blaster - £7.50
Milano starship - £7.50
Groot/Rocket/Nova Officer figure pack £6


wow. I was delighted with the costume for ten quid. now I feel fleeced. lol


I wish my nephew was old enough to wear this.



Depends on determination.

Awesome Hot Deal Vol.1

Oh! Have to say it! Sorry but...COOL! X)

Put "kids" in the title! my hopes up then...

I'm sad enough to wear one of these if they did adult sizes.

picked up the blaster (and a number of spacecraft!) on my way home from work last night - excellent process for some great memorabilia (or toys as my wife calls then :-) )

Thanks. Heat added. I've bought this in anticipation of one of the numerous, pain in the backside, dress up days my son's school has every year!

thanks, popped in on way back from work and grabbed the Milan and nova ship for 12.50 toghether, for the kids....


We picked up the deluxe suit yesterday. Btw, if you're near a Home bargains they have a mask and gun set that are better than the ones the come with these
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