Star Master Bedroom Star Projector £1 @ B&M

Star Master Bedroom Star Projector £1 @ B&M

Found 25th Feb 2014
This is the cheapest I have ever saw one of these.
Over the past I've bought a couple for younger family members and they just love them!
Last one I saw was in Asda for £5 in the last month or 2.
Plus this one is coloured.

Includes 2 built-in settings: Bright Stars, LED interchanging colours.
Project a realistic star show in your room.
Size: 12 x 11 x 11cm (Approx.)
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Honestly, I wouldn't pay a quid for this. Poorly made.
This has been posted before - did check but there were none in the Hemel Hempstead or Watford stores.

Is this a static display or do the stars move ?
Seems to be the same as this one on Amazon..…fts

2/5 star review out of 269.

A few of the reviews mention exploding lights and melting plastic.

Spend a bit more when buying for children, I know I would of probably put my hands on this to obscure the patterns and what not when I was a kid.
Terrible quality piece of junk.

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