Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope - £17.99 (Xbox 360) @ GameStation

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope - £17.99 (Xbox 360) @ GameStation

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As title states, there is also quidco at 3% or topcashback at 4%


Is this in store?

Thanks pal, bought it, voted the hotness.

The price is £19.99 in store at gamestation as its their "steal of the week"

Instore price not so bad.

Also this price on amazon if you prefer them

Excellent game with 50+ hours gameplay.


Completed in 32hours :whistling:

is this game any good?

I have never actually played a star ocean game, is it any thing like final fantasy?

Yes and no, gamplaywise yes, the fighting system is differnet (imo SO is better then FF on this point). Storywise FF beats the crap out of SO though. depends really what you enjoy in the FF games.

as for being good or not, it depends on your taste in games, i would recomend it anyway at least for this price.
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