Star Traders RPG Elite (Amazon App Of The Day)
Star Traders RPG Elite (Amazon App Of The Day)

Star Traders RPG Elite (Amazon App Of The Day)

Product Features
Cruise the galaxy in this intricate, turn-based RPG
Utilize 5 unique skills, 6 character classes, and over 200 different spacecraft
Customize your ships with 25 different improvements
Have full character control and customization
Lose yourself in engaging gameplay
Product Description
Command your officers and crew from the bridge of your star ship to travel, trade, and battle across the immense Star Traders Quadrant. Employ a wide variety of strategies as an Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Trader, Pirate or Smuggler. Can you manage your resources, crew and officers well enough to turn a profit in the complex economy that’s sprawling across the on-going interstellar conflict?

Play the free RPG version, "Star Traders RPG" and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy before you go Elite. The Trese Brothers never run ads in our games -- enjoy an ad free, permission free experience!

Then experience the Elite Upgrade and copy all your captains! Elite includes more than 200 new planets, more than 2,000 new sectors in the massive galaxy, over 200 new ships, twice as many rumors and officers, and more unique art! And you can copy any captain from Star Traders (free) to Elite!

This epic space pirate RPG offers a deep and challenging world and economy to Star Trading captains. You must navigate the waters of Quadrant politics and chose sides among the constantly conflicting Factions, or take the risk to stay independent. Enjoy endless replay value in this deep space civ and trading simulation which allows you to take any path you want as a captain. Act as a pirate against the merchants using the great shipping lanes, join the Solar War as a military captain, or hunt targets across the Quadrant as a fearsome bounty hunter!

Star Traders is a turn-based strategy role playing game (RPG) inspired by games such as EVE Online, Space Trader, Master of Orion, Pirates! and many other classic computer RPGs. If you enjoy retro games, adventure and tactics games, Action RPG or Sci-fi RPG with complex depth (such as Master of Orion or Mass Effect) you may enjoy Star Traders space trading simulation.

Our development team is actively continuing development and updates based on your feedback and is regularly updated with new content, features, and fixes. Please email us with suggestions or bugs!

As a Star Trading captain in this strategy RPG you will:
- Explore more than 300 planets
- Trade in and manipulate the complex and deep economy in this economic simulator
- Buy, sell, and battle over 500 unique starcraft
- Fully customize your captain (picking from 6 classes), officers and space ships


Cheers Buzz, had my eye on this for a while.

Thanks. You at least have to put it on account.

Cheers Buzz

Strange. It won't allow the 'purchase' via the Get Deal link above.


Strange. It won't allow the 'purchase' via the Get Deal link above.

It was app of the day.
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