Star Trek 1-6 Blu-ray £9.99 @

Star Trek 1-6 Blu-ray £9.99 @

Found 28th Jan 2011
WAT! Paid loads more than this for mine :O

Grab one while you can!

OUT OF bad. Shame though, had Next Gen for 4.99 too...EXPIRED


Out of stock :-(

showing as out of stock for me....

Showing as in stock now - ordered. Wonder if it'll be sent????

Now out of stock.......

These are dirt cheap as they are NOT the remastered versions.

The remastered ones are better in every way and these aren't much better than the DVDs.

Have to disagree I bought box set 1-10 on eeeebay and was impressed by detail and sound (7.1 trueHD if you have the system that supports it)

Disco Dave - Sounds like you got the remastered ones which are awesome. These ones are not those ones.

I see thanks for that,but if you are a star trek fan the remastered ones are essential ,you can see how much detail was put in all those years ago

Just ordered and it has processed and awaiting dispatch. Heat added

anyones been sent yet - mine says awaiting despatch still

mine was dispatched a few days ago, but I ordered it about 2 hours before it was posted here.

Edit: just got it in the mail \o/
Edited by: "mailman" 4th Feb 2011

"We regret that the item ordered was out of stock or damaged when we came to pick your order"

Can't fault them though - they've spent nearly a week looking for it
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