Star Trek 5: Final Frontier (DVD) - £1.99 @ Base
Star Trek 5: Final Frontier (DVD) - £1.99 @ Base

Star Trek 5: Final Frontier (DVD) - £1.99 @ Base

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Almost universally derided on its first release as the worst of the Star Trek movies to date, The Final Frontier may just have been the victim of bad press. Following in the wake of the massively successful fourth instalment The Voyage Home didn't help matters (notoriously, even-numbered entries are better), nor did having novice director and shameless egomaniac William Shatner at the helm. But if the story, conceived and co-written by Shatner, teeters dangerously on the verge of being corny at times, it redeems itself with enough thought-provoking scenes in the best tradition of the series, and a surprisingly original finale. Granted there are a few too many yawning plot holes along the way, and the general tone is over-earnest (despite some painfully slapstick comedy moments), but the interaction of the central trio (Kirk, Spock and McCoy) is often funny and genuinely insightful; while Laurence Luckinbill is a charismatic adversary as the renegade Vulcan Sybok. True, the rest of the cast scarcely get a look in, and the special effects betray serious budgetary restrictions, but with a standout score from Jerry Goldsmith and a meaty philosophical premise to play around with, Star Trek V looks a lot more substantial in retrospect. Certainly it's no worse than either Generations or Insurrection


No, it was just a crap story badly directed.
The idea of a vulcan starting off on a religous crusade was a great one. The bloke playing him was good. Then Shatner was given the directors chair....crash and burn.

Good price for a not so good film.

may just have been the victim of bad press

Erm... no.
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